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Automation in Fluid Dispensing: Benefits and Considerations

In this age of technology and science, automation plays an important role. Thus, every business is turning its processes into automation. This provides them the quality products in less time. One such advanced technology is the automated fluid dispenser system. The system can be implemented in various industries as per the specific needs of the product design.

In this article, we will review the most important benefits and required automation considerations for fluid dispenser systems.

Automated Fluid Dispenser System

What is an Automated Fluid Dispenser System?

An automated fluid dispensing system is a technique that dispenses fluids accurately and precisely. The system includes dispensing devices, software for controlling the system, and other robotic components. The automated fluid dispensing system is used in various industries, including electronics, manufacturing, biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceuticals. These areas require precise and consistent applications of the fluid. The system provides faster and more accurate results, reducing the cost of the product. It also maintains the quality of the product. Thus, the use of automation systems is increasing.

Applications of Automated Fluid Dispensing System

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The Automated Fluid Dispensing system has many applications in industries. Some of its use cases include:

Pharmaceutical Industries

Automated systems are used in drug manufacturing for proper dispensing of the volumes of drugs. Besides, it can dispense fluids like reagents and buffers used in diagnostic procedures.

Aerospace and Aviation

Automated systems in aerospace and aviation are important for bonding and sealing joints and casein in manufacturing. The process helps to reduce the weight. Besides, it also increases fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the dispensing system is used to apply the coatings for fuel tanks and other critical components.

Electronics Manufacturing

Automated dispensing systems could accurately deposit the solder paste in circuit boards. It ensures the proper solder joints. This dispenser system applies conformal coatings that protect electronics components from environmental dust, dirt, moisture, etc.

Automotive Industry

The automated dispensing system is applied in various automotive components. It includes electronics, engines, and heavy lift assemblies. In addition to this, this system is used to encapsulate or cover sensitive electronic components. This protects them from any harsh conditions.

Benefits of Automated Fluid Dispensing System

Benefits of Automated Fluid Dispensing System

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Automated Fluid Dispensing System offers multiple advantages that enhance the manufacturing processes and the quality of products. Let’s look into some of their benefits:


Consistency is one of the main objectives of automation in fluid dispensing systems. Automation guarantees precise control of the liquid’s volume, flow rate, and timing. It lessens the potential for errors, fluctuations, and changes in the manual dispensing system. As a result, it gives more precise and high-quality results.


In comparison to manual dispensing systems, automated dispensing systems increase efficiency by speeding their operations. In contrast to a manual method, an automated system provides consistency without requiring frequent adjustments. The activities and outcomes are accelerated, and the findings are more trustworthy and of greater quality. As a result, the automated system produces things more quickly and effectively.

Reduce Material Waste

Automated dispensing systems are designed to dispense the exact fluid amount required for a specific task. Thus, it helps to reduce the material waste. This process is extremely important for sensitive and expensive materials as it reduces the need for excess materials. It also helps in cost savings and conserving resources.


An automated fluid dispensing system is versatile. It can also handle many fluids, including adhesives, lubricants, solder pastes, and more. The versatility makes it suitable for large industries and applications. This helps to save time and resources and also helps in innovations.


Automated fluid dispensing systems can improve safety in the work environment. Many fluids are harmful and hazardous, and manual dispensing can harm the workers. Automation eliminates the worker’s need to handle these fluids, which reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Some automated systems offer remote control of the system. This helps the operator monitor and control the system in real-time. They could diagnose issues, adjust, and even remotely maintain the system. This feature is valuable for companies with multiple manufacturing facilities. Check TechnoDigm™ to learn more about the remote monitoring feature of the automated dispenser system.

Considerations for the Automation in Fluid Dispensing System

Considerations for the Automation in Fluid Dispensing System

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Some of the important considerations in the automation of the fluid dispensing system include:

Initial Cost

One of the major considerations when using automation in fluid dispensing is the cost or the initial investment. Automated fluid dispensing can be expensive to install. Thus, before installing the system, the cost should be analyzed to determine if the automation fits your application.

Viscosity of Fluids

The next consideration is the nature of the fluid, i.e. viscous nature of the fluid. Some fluids can be too thin or thick for an automated dispenser and need manual inspection. During the process of transferring the materials from the original packing to the syringe, it introduces air bubbles into the fluid. These air bubbles can affect the accuracy of the dispensing process. Thus, to address this issue, it is important to take major steps to reduce the air bubbles. This process involves careful handling to ensure the fluids remain bubble-free and ensure the automatic dispenser can handle them.

Maintenance and Calibrations

Automated systems need to be maintained frequently to keep them operating as intended. In order to use and maintain the equipment correctly, operators may need the appropriate training. Therefore, in order to guarantee that the automated dispenser operates as intended, a maintenance and calibration plan is essential.


Another crucial aspect of deploying the automated fluid dispensing system is customization. Customization guarantees that the machinery or system can be changed to suit the requirements of your operation and offers the best performance. It promotes cost savings, improved performance, and innovation. In the future, that system might, therefore, handle new actions.

Programming and Setup

It’s difficult to set up and program the automated system. It requires qualified personnel who have a thorough understanding of the system and software. As a result, the specific applications should receive enough time and funding.

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Automation in fluid dispensing systems provides many benefits and maintains quality without compromising the cost. It is a next-generation solution that can improve product quality, efficiency, and competitiveness. However, one must consider the various factors before installing the system, as the installation process is quite challenging. It requires highly technical and skilled manpower. Thus, companies must carefully understand their specific application and ensure whether they need an automation system or not.

For companies seeking expert guidance and help in their automation system, TechnoDigm™is there for you. Our highly skilled professionals can provide you with the required support to meet your requirements. Whether you are exploring the automation’s capabilities or require help with installation or maintenance, TechnoDigm™ is your trusted partner.

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