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5 Ways to Wear Your Bodycon Dress Modestly

Have you ever thought that the bodycon dress is not meant for you as you feel it shows too much or it is a challenge to style it? Think again, as there are many changes that you can make to how you style and wear your body con dress that will make it look elegant and modest on you. Although there are many things to consider to make this second skin of a dress as it is labeled look flattering by highlighting your curves as it should. Choosing the right fabric, length, and wearing the perfect underwear are some of the things to consider. Here are some ways to dress your bodycon from Magnolia Boutique modestly.

  1. Be selective 

Firstly, as you choose your body con dress, to maintain your modest style, it is about the shape. Hence the need to be selective about the type of body con you are buying. Click on this online boutique to shop for body con dresses for your size. Although the body con dress is fitting, it does not mean it has to be revealed, so be selective on the right one for you. As you choose, you will know the difference between a stylish body con dress and an overly sexy body con dress. Still, you do not have to cover up every part of your skin and body to look modest. So, ensure you are selective with your shape choices to choose between your features. Thus, rewrite the fashion faux pas rules and get yourself a modest and stylish body con dress. Cover what you need, and you can get one for your body type and for the occasion you are attending for an ideal feminine style.

  1. Keep everything covered

Another way to look modest with your body con dress is you can keep it covered to remain stylish. Although it seems like a tricky discipline to try with a body con dress it works perfectly. Try in some ways, especially now that fashion is getting more revealing and you opt to dress your body con in a very modest and elegant way. For instance, you can experiment with layering your dress, especially when you love covering up this dress. Use a piece that you already have in your wardrobe. For instance, layer it with a tailored blazer if you want a business look. Wearing a long sleeves body con will help you cover up, but you still look stunningly stylish. It will also make you add a feminine and sophisticated touch to give you the coverage that you crave to have. A midi-length dress is ideal to give you coverage as well and an instant modest and stylish look. Finally, add an elegant duster coat if you feel the dress makes you feel that you are too revealing.

  1. Choose the right fabrics

The secret with the right fabric for a body con dress is the thicker and stretchy fabric always works best for this dress. The silky and fine knit fabrics do not work as perfectly as they are too revealing and show off more than what you bargained for. A stretch jersey fabric is amazing if you need one that will support and flatter your figure and remain structured and solid for an expensive-looking dress. Besides, this fabric is comfortable and soft perfect for all-day comfort and workwear as well. The scuba fabric is another great choice for a body con dress. It is a high stretch material that offers a figure-hugging and fitting finish to your look. Therefore, if you opt for the scuba fabric, ensure that it is as thick as possible so that you do not end up revealing too much.

  1. Choose the right underwear 

No matter the body con dress that you choose to wear, to achieve a modesty style and to look polished, ensure that you start below the dress. Many women make a mistake of showing off the underwear lines that interrupts the perfect smooth lines of your figure as you wear your body con dress. For this reason, you need to choose the perfect foundation underwear for your body con dress and they are available from inexpensive high street labels to high-end luxury designers. The body control underwear is one you can try for a chic finishing touch to your look. Although there is a common misconception that it is uncomfortable, there is an array of options that will suit you perfectly with your favorite body con dress and you will not have a visible panty line. A high waist thong is another option that you can try that is an alternative to a body control underwear. Choose a high waist that sits higher on your hip and will not show the G-string dent or you can wear seamless underwear it will give you the same effect.

  1. Dress to draw attention away from the bust and bum area

Another way to try to wear your body con dress modestly is to cover up one feature as you enhance the femininity of the other. Also, you can use outfit distractions to remain covered and modest as you wear a body con dress. Firstly, you can opt for lace especially when you prefer body con dresses with plunging necklines modify it by taking it to your tailor to add a piece of lace to it. Avoid high crew and turtle neck necklines although they are modest, they enhance your bust area. Go for a scooped neck and pair with a statement necklace to draw attention from your bust. Choose the one with a perfect shape with a lace paneling across the décolletage. Wearing a belt is another way. Add a statement belt to your body con dress to draw attention to your waist instead of your bust or bum area. It helps to create a modest overall look, and the belt can help cinch your waist that will flatter your figure. However, ensure the belt color and style blend well with the style of the dress.

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