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Lauren Daigle Biography, Who Is Her Husband, Is She Married?

When it comes to soothing music and heart-to-heart music, then Lauren Daigle is such an artist who has the collection and the gift of delivering such beautiful songs and music. She is a passionate songwriter and singer famous for her melodious voice. Her most admired albums like, “How it can be” and “Look Up Child” ranked top on the Christian Billboard Chart.

Let’s have a quick overview of the biography of this fantastic singer and songwriter.

Biography of Lauren Daigle

When it comes to the lineage of American contemporary artists, then Lauren Daigle or Lauren Ashley Daigle is one renowned name in the industry. She is born in the year 1991 on September 9th. Her parents are Laura and Mark Daigle, in Louisiana’s city of Lafayette. Lauren once mentioned in her interview that she always has a flair for music and singing right from her childhood – when she used to listen to Gospel, Cajun, Blues, and zydeco music specifically.

Furthermore, she always likes to hymn when at home and her mother called their home “The Music Box” because Lauren all the time sings in her melodious voice. However, when Lauren was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with a highly infectious ailment called “Glandular Fever.” This made her so weak that she has to leave her public school and had to home school for two consecutive years. Lauren considered these two years as solace for her as it gave her time to dwell passionately in music and songwriting. She fell in love with music intensely during that time. Prior, to her illness she was not sure whether she wanted to pursue her interest in music seriously or not, but the disease and time of her recovery were her calling to embrace her enthusiasm and love for singing truly.

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When it comes to higher education, Lauren Daigle went to Louisiana State University to study the Child and Family program after completing her fast track six months mission in Charter School and Brazil that a typical one-and-a-half-year course. She also attempted for American Idol show in the year 2010 and 2012. However, she did not make it through.

Musical Career of Lauren Daigle

While in college she successfully joined the choir of the local church and she did not take much time to head this up. Later, she also featured in the album “Inside Out” which is published by Church North Point where she successfully delivered three songs, “It is Well,” “You Alone,” and “Close.” The album not just made a lot of sales. Also, Lauren received immense appreciation for her skills and quickly contacted by Centricity Music that enrolled her in their workshop.

Afterward, she also asked to replace Jason Gray for the song “Nothing Is Wasted” as he was ill at that time and not able to complete the Song at the time of album release. Simultaneously, she is also signed by the Centricity Music Label, and eventually, she did her first solo in the year 2013 “Light of the World” song in the album that included many Centricity songs and artists. This Song brought some good fame to Lauren and quick she got recognition in the Christian music industry.

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She enjoyed her association with Centricity and gained some excellent publicity in the Christian music industry.

Almost after two years, she did her first album called, “How can it be.” As soon as her album was released in few days, it became billboard hit in Christian music charts, and it was a big hit for her. Moreover, on billboards, it lasted for six weeks at the number one position, which was quite evident. For all genres, it was also the first twenty on the Billboard top albums. Besides, there were other songs from the same album “Come Alive (Dry Bones),” “Trust in You,” and “First,” which come to the top on Billboard Christian Charts.

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For “How can it be” Lauren also received an award from K-Love Awards in the category “Worship Song of the Year” in the year 2016. Even for the Grammy Awards, the album was listed as the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” of the year. The album was such big hit that she won some number of awards for same including, Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Artist of the year award, Contemporary Song of the Year and Best New Artist awards for Song of the Year as well as many others.

With the huge appreciation and success of her album, she did some higher versions of the songs as well as added some new songs to it. Later, in the year 2018, she released “You Say, look up Child” which again appreciated by millions of fans and became a hit. In the category of Hot Christian Songs, it topped the chart and was in the mainstream Rolling Stone and hot 100.

Relationship of Lauren Daigle: Who Is Her Husband, is she married?

There are not many details available online about her relationship, neither she mentioned in an interview that seeing someone. However, we managed to gather some handy information that currently she is single; she is not married and does not have any kids. It is safe to say that this fantastic singer is taking her time to select the one with whom she wanted to spend her life with. When she is in a relationship, it is sure it will be made public.

Lauren Daigle Controversy

Recently, Lauren Daigle appeared in one of the interviews where she made some controversial statements about her attitude towards homosexuality. She said that home sexuality is not a sin and she does not have any rights to comments on anyone’s sexual orientation as she is not a god. Even in one of the shows of Domenick Nati, when she is asked how she felt when the public made comments on her stage performance of a gay celebrity show of Ellen DeGeneres then she positively stated, that being gay is Ellen’s personal choice, and we should not be the judge of anyone’s preferences. Being gay is not a sin neither a crime.

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