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9 Ways SafeOpt Retargeting Works – And How to Use It Effectively

SafeOpt is a marketing platform with over 175 million registered users. It can be used by both businesses and consumers. SafeOpt has received very positive online reviews and is one of the internet’s foremost shopping platforms.

A marketing technique that can be used to great effect on the SafeOpt platform is retargeting. If you are not already familiar with this technique, then it involves targeting customers with follow-up ads and experiences. Retargeting is aimed at consumers who have shown interest in a specific product.

This post will tell you how retargeting works, and how you can use it.

What Is Retargeting?

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, retargeting is when you send customers who have abandoned their carts or who have expressed interest in a product but have then closed the tab without purchasing it. In terms of implementation, SafeOpt retargeting is no different from ordinary retargeting. The platform just makes it easier to do, since it sends these messages automatically. Without the use of a platform like SafeOpt, there would be no real way of telling whether or not somebody had left one’s website after expressing interest.

Why Use Retargeting?

Retargeting is a highly effective form of marketing.  One of the main reasons that it’s so useful is because it can recapture a person’s interest in a product. If somebody was looking at a product and even put it in their cart, then it is a strong indication that they were very interested in it. There could be many reasons why they then chose to abandon it. By following up with emails and even promotional codes, you can recapture that person’s interest and get them to go ahead with their purchase. Retargeting can significantly boost your store’s profits.

High-value Prospects

It might not be wise to send out emails to every single customer that shows an interest in a product. Most experts agree that the best way to retarget customers is to only send messages and emails to those who have expressed interest in high-value products. Also, in terms of actual consumers, you need to make sure you are very selective in who you retarget if you want your business to grow and your profits to rise. If your customer’s key demographic is women between a certain age and from a certain place, then you need to make sure that they are retargeted most.

Annoying People

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when they are retargeting is annoying their customers. Annoying one’s customers can be very bad for your reputation and for your business. If you harass and pester customers, nagging them into making purchases, then they won’t want to do business with you. Some stores send people two or three emails as part of their retargeting effort—you shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t send more than two emails. The first email should be sent shortly after they leave your site, and the second a half hour later, ideally with a coupon code attached.

User Behaviour

If you want your retargeting campaigns to be effective, then you need to understand the user behavior of people who use your site. SafeOpt makes it very easy for you to do this since they make examining one’s site analytics a lot easier. A good way to plan your retargeting campaign around user behavior is to target people based on the type of content they were viewing on your website. For example, if an individual was viewing a specific product, then you could send them a follow-up email with information about that product and similar ones. If you are able to speak directly to the consumer, you are more likely to convince them to make a purchase.

Online Tutorials

If you struggle at any point with retargeting, then you should know that there are various online tutorials that you can use.  In addition to online tutorials, there are also highly informative online guides. Make sure that the guides and videos that you watch are relevant to SafeOpt’s platform. General retargeting advice won’t help you. The information that you read always needs to be rooted in SafeOpt’s features, functions, and platform. You can also reach out to SafeOpt’s technical support team if you encounter any problems.

Promotional Offers

When you are sending people emails, it’s always a very good idea to include promotional offers. Giving your customers promotional deals can be a highly effective way of convincing them to return to your site and make a purchase. When you are sending out promotional offers, make sure that they aren’t too high. Sending sizable promotional offers can devalue your brand. A lot of businesses find that 5-10% offers are the most effective. You could also send retargeting emails with information about upcoming sales and could even give people early access to them.

Devaluing Brand

As mentioned in the previous section, promotional offers can sometimes devalue your brand. You shouldn’t send too many to people. The same is also true for holding sales on your website. A lot of business owners think that the best way to get people to buy products from them is to hold sales, but this is not true. Too many sales can have the same effect as sending out too many promotional codes. Consumers want to feel like the brands that they buy products from are exclusive. If sales are held all of the time, then they won’t feel like yours is.

Call to Action

Finally, in your emails, you need to make sure that you have a strong call to action. There is no point in sending retargeting messages without a CTA. CTAs can help customers to know what action they should take next, which helps them to make their way through the sales funnel. When you use SafeOpt, the platform will assist you in the creation of your call to action. If you are writing your own, then you need to make sure that it’s clear, concise, and to the point. Make sure that it isn’t ambiguous in any way.

SafeOpt is a platform that can be used by consumers to get good deals on products, and businesses to market themselves. If you are the owner of an e-commerce store, then SafeOpt could be a highly effective way of increasing your store’s profits.

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