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A detailed biography about Jodie Fletcher

Jodie Fletcher was actually born into the star family. She is the only daughter of Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher. The father of Jodie is a Terrell Fletcher who is the most popular NFL player and her mother is Sheree Zampino who is a famous actress and producer. Jodie was born in the United States of America. But at present, her parents are divorced and the reason is specified as an unsuited variation.

Personal life and more of Jodie Fletcher’s parents

Being born, Jodie is a superstar and blessed with the best and pleasant life. Her mother meets Terrell Fletcher after separating her first partner who named Will Smith. In the year of 2007, the Sheree and Terrell Fletcher have knotted the ties and the wedding ceremony done simply and only their close friends and family members attended the marriage function. Also, the Sheree has a son named Trey Smith with her first husband, Will Smith. Here, the Trey Smith is a half-brother of the Jodie Fletcher.

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In the year of 2014, the Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampion have concluded their separation after seven years of damage. The Sheree has also claimed the spousal assistance from her x-partner Terrell for her son Jodie Fetcher. The Terrell Fletcher has actually worked as a senior priest of the City of Hope International Church. The Will Smith is a stepfather of the Jodie Fletcher. At present, she is schooling and her school name retained out of a media. When her parents keep her back of media consideration, the Jodie Fletcher toughly watched in the media.

Basically, the Jodie Fletcher is an American by citizen and she belongs to the African- American origin. Her father, Terrell Fletcher has a couple of siblings named Shaun Fletcher and Bryan Fletcher. Apart from that, the Jodie Fletcher is exceedingly nearer to her maternal grandfather named as Les Zampion. In one of her interviews, Sheree is said that her kids act like sisters and brothers and not as half-siblings. This conveys that the Jodie and her family members could share a sturdy relationship.

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During the period of Hollywood Exes, the fans of Jodie’s mother witnessed her and stated that she did not appear to be pleasant as a preacher’s wife and her activities did not suit as a wife of the priest. Accordingly, the Sheree Zampion called as the ex-wide of Will Smith that often used to interrupt Terrell’s feelings. Therefore, the Sheree filed for separation with Terrell Fletcher for opposing variations and also enquired for a partner help. But, this couple has mentioned a reason for their separation is being juvenile.

Jodie Fletcher net worth

However, Jodie Fletcher is a child and she has not even reached to manage herself. Terrell Fletcher, her father is being an expert football player whose net worth is around six million dollars. Also, he has sung for the Los Angeles Chargers from the year 1995 to 2002 donated this substantial part of the income.

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Even the net worth of Jodie Fletcher’s mother, Sheree Zampion valued six million dollars that she built from her acting profession as well as a business person. At present, she also runs the fashion website called shereeelizabeth.com.

The career life of Jodie Fletcher

So far, the Jodie Fletcher is too dedicated to the industry. Still, now, she is a young adult finding her life and enjoying the life offered by her parents. The Jodie Fletcher viewed with her parents on media while attending the specific functions and events as well. Moreover, Jodie Fletcher does not even have a more energetic occurrence in the media. Right now, Jodie is mainly concentrated on her education and studies. She has not yet decided whether to follow her parent’s career options or not.

Everyone has different expectations regarding their career selection and decides to use every chance to be successful in their career life. Jodie Fletcher is a young adult and known by her attractive appearance and famous parents Terrell Fletcher, former NFL player and Sheree Zampino, a beautiful actress.

Body dimensions- Size, weight, and height

Jodie Fletcher has a half-brother named Trey Smith. Though she is studying in school, her school remains unknown to the media. This is because not much about the childhood of Jodie Fletcher disclosed to the media.

Many youngsters throughout the world are willing to be aware of Jodie Fletcher and her present lifestyle and future goals. This is because she appeared on social media and has ever-increasing recognition in digital media in recent years. It is a suitable time to explore the biography of Jodie Fletcher online and get an overview of the parents, siblings, schooling, and other things associated with her.

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Parents of Jodie Fletcher met the first time after Sheree divorced her first husband named Will Smith. They have begun dating and married in 2007. Essence magazine covered this lavish wedding. Jodie Fletcher was born to this famous couple after 7 years of togetherness. Parents of Jodie Fletcher divorced in 2014 due to personal reasons.

The details related to the dimensions of Jodie Fletcher not been released yet in the media. Still looking at her, she has a normal weight and height. Along with her loveliness, she also has blue colored eyes and blonde hair.

The half-brother of Jodie Fletcher, Trey Smith

The Trey Smith is a one and only sibling of the Jodie Fletcher. He is her half-brother from her maternal side who was actually born in the year of 1992. Now, he is in his mid-20 and he was an actor. He was born to her mother, Sheree Zampino, and her mummy’s foremost partner who is a popular actor named Will Smith.

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Bottom Line

I Hope, you will get enough details about Jodie Fletcher in this article. If you want to know more about her, then you can search online and you will get enough details. 

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