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Everything You Should Know About Flying to Antarctica

Vacations and adventures aren’t just about tropical islands or beautiful vistas. For many, it has always been a dream to go to Antarctica. But since it’s a distant and uninhabited island, not many know that it’s possible to visit.

You can book flights to Antarctica from a reliable adventure holiday company of your choice. After you pay for your ticket, all you need to do is prepare your things and wait for the adventure. The company you choose will organize the necessary permits as well as your itinerary.

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Flying to Antarctica

You can board a plane from South America where you will directly fly to Antarctica. When you reach the place, you will board a luxury ship where you can cruise the icy region.

By booking flights to Antarctica, you can avoid the Drake Passage, which is usually riddled with storms. It’s the best choice when you are not much of a sea person.

Additionally, flying directly to Antarctica means you only need to spend hours on a plane. After a while, you’ve arrived at the Seventh Continent where you will board a cruise ship.

However, be wary of the company you choose. Make sure that they are permitted to fly and cruise around Antarctica. You will need a permit to enjoy the icy beauty of the place, but it should be taken care of by the organizer.

Cruising the Seventh Continent

You can choose which cruise to board. Some trips only last six days, but some last for as long as 23 days.

There are also trips where you can experience a couple of activities such as snowshoeing and kayaking.

The itinerary is also taken care of by the tour company. Depending on your choice, you’ll stop by several locations all over Antarctica and enjoy its extraordinary beauty. You can even have a one-on-one with the residents of Antarctica: majestic penguins.

The Cost

The flight to Antarctica is usually a separate bill compared to the cruise ship tour. On average, you can get a seat from $300 to $500. It will also depend on the company and the airline you choose.

Then, the average cost for the cruise ship is $4,500. However, you should expect more. Most cruise ships add insurance to keep you safe. That means if you get extremely sick or injured, you’ll be flown from Antarctica to the nearest hospital via helicopter.

Also, the longer the trip is, the more expensive it could be. To avoid financial problems, you should plan much ahead. You can find discounts that will help you get tickets for as low as $2,500.

Compare prices from different tour providers to get the best deals for you and your loved ones.

The Seventh Continent is not a tropical paradise. It is full of ice and snow as far as the eyes can see. But despite that, it has a different and surreal beauty that will definitely make your vacation memorable, unlike any you’ve had before.


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