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Answering All Your Queries Regarding Metal Shearing.

If you work in the automotive, metal or manufacturing industries or warehouses, you must be aware of the concept of metal shearing. However, this is a complete guide for beginners so let us take a look at what shearing and metal shearing actually are.

What Is Metal Shearing?

Shearing is the process of slicingsheet metal through a shearing machine. This cutting is done to size out larger roll or flat stocks. Usually, a shearing machine is used to cut or pierce through metal sheets that are parallel to an existing edge which is held square. In other simpler words, metal shearing is a process in which a piece of sheet metal is separated from one another by applying very heavy force.

A metal shearing machine is a machine that is used to cut heavy and hard metals with precision such as plates, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. If you have a business in which you believe you would require a sheet metal shearing machine, check out the Asset Plant for different models that will suit your business best.

Types Of Shears In Machines.

There are several types of metal shearing machines and blades that serve different purposes and are cut to different precision. There are a few types of sheers such as;

  • Bench shear.

Bench shears are very precise shears that can be either manual or hydraulic. As the name suggests, this shear is structured as a bench-mounted shear and is usually focused on cutting metals and steel works. The long handles allow minimal human effort in cutting through thick and difficult metals easily.

  • Alligator shear.

As the name suggests, an alligator shear has a hinged jaw and a motion that depicts an alligator. These shears are hydraulically powered through a cylinder and are usually used to cut pre-finished metal products. However, this type of metal shearing blade is used not just for metal. It is designed in a way that it can precisely cut more materials than just metals.

  • Metal guillotine.

These too come in either manual or hydraulic power styles. In a manual metal guillotine, a foot is used to help descend the shear into a metal. Once the shear is placed where the operator is pleased with it, the operator steps down on the metal guillotine pedal to insist metal cutting.

Hydraulic meal guillotine use advanced motors and a small foot pedal. This type of shear can cut through long lengths of heavy thick metals and metal sheets  like a knife through butter.

  • Throat less shear.

It is a common misconception that metal shears can only cut in straight lines. This is not a lie, most sheet metal shearing machines are only used to cut in straight lines. However, throatless shears are a type of metal shears that allow you to cut patterns, and also break through the barrier constraints of the length of which a metal can be cut. Throat less shear can be used to cut in circles, patterns, straight lines, etc.

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