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What are the Very Basic Properties of the Octagon Which the Kids Should be Clear About?

Octagon is considered to be the polygon in the world of mathematics and geometry which will be having eight sides and eight angles. The number of vertices of this particular shape will also be eight and the number of edges of this particular shape will also be eight in number. All the sides will be joined with each other from end to end so that a particular shape can be formed and these kinds of sides will also be easily available in the square format which will mean that they will never be covered with each other. Every interior angle of the regular octagon will be 135° and the measure of exterior angle will come out to be 45°. The sum of the angles of the octagon will be 1080° and further, it is very much important for the kids to be clear about the basic concept of the octagon in terms of shape, properties and several other kinds of things.

Octagon is considered to be the shape that will be based upon a two-dimensional plane and several other kinds of polygons and shapes will be based upon line segments only. The points which will help in defining it different from other shapes will be the eight sides and eight angles. Whenever the square will be built internally or externally on all the sides of the octagon, then the midpoints joining the centre of the opposite square will be forming that will be equally diagonal and will be or to diagonal which will make sure that diagonals length will be equal and they will be bisecting each other at 90°. There are different other kinds of polygons as well for example Pentagon, quadrilateral, heptagon, decagon and several other kinds of options which the people have to consider in the whole process so that they can deal with things very easily.

Different types of octagonal have been explained as follows:

1. Regular and irregular octagon: Whenever the octagon will be having equal sides and equal angles then it will be known as the regular octagon but on the other hand whenever it will be having unequal sides and unequal angles then it will be known as a regular octagon. The regular octagon will be a closed shape with sides of equal length and interior angles of the same measurement. It will also have eight symmetric lines and a rotational equilibrium of order eight. The interior angle will be available at every vertex and the regular angle of the octagon will be 135°. The central angle will be 45°.

2. Concave and convex octagon: The octagon that will be having all sides pointing towards outside a new angle will be pointing inwards will be known as the convex octagon and the angle of the convex octagonal will never be more than 180°. On the other hand, whenever the case of octagonal angles will be pointing inwards it will be known as the concave octagon which will be perfectly shaped.

Following are the most important properties of the shape of an octagon:

  • There will be eight angles and eight sides
  • Every side and every angle will be equal respectively
  • There will be a total of 20 diagonals into the regular octagon
  • The total sum of angles will be 1080°
  • The Sum of the exterior angle of the octagon will be 360°

It is also very much important for the kids to be clear about the area of octagonal and perimeter formulas so that there is no problem at any point in time and they can solve the questions very easily. Further, depending upon platforms like Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that people have a good command over the volume of a pyramid which will always help in fulfilling their overall purposes of scoring well in the mathematics exam without any kind of problem.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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