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Bebahan (Twitch Star) Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth & More

Do you want to know Bebahan’s age, boyfriend, net worth, and other information?  Bebahan’s is a social media influencer, fashion model, Twitch Star, and content developer. Therefore, you need not fear as you are at the correct spot, as we will discuss Bebahan biography, age, net worth, and more in this article.

Bebahan Biography

Bebahan was born on August 14, 1996, in the United Kingdom. This creator is well-recognized for conducting live game streams on the Twitch Platform. Beahan succeeds incredibly well on Twitch. On Twitch, she acquired almost 135k Followers. She has achieved remarkable success with her Instagram account as well. She updates her Instagram account frequently with photos and reels. She earned more than 250k Instagram followers. She attracts a large audience by publishing her dancing, streaming, and story-based content on many Social Media sites.


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Bebahan Twitch

She broadcasts live game streams on her twitch channel. According to her Twitch account, she enjoys both food and gaming. Bebahan interests include streaming, gaming, and wellness. She broadcasts games like Black Ops Cold War, Valorant, League of Legends, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Outlast on her Twitch channel.

She had a lot of success on Twitch and racked up more than 135k subscribers. Bebahan is the name of her Twitch channel.

She earned a large following on Twitch. She primarily posts Vlogs about her daily life and PC game videos on her channel.

Bebahan Instagram

On her Instagram account, she posts frequently. Bebahan increased her Instagram following to 258k. Additionally, she works with Brands. Her Instagram account has not been confirmed. She updates her Instagram account every day with photos and reels.

Bebahan YouTube:

2015-02-24: Bebahan launched her YouTube channel. On her YouTube channel, she enjoyed great success. Her YouTube channel has 550k+ Subscribers now. Bebahan is also the name of her YouTube channel.

She has a large following on YouTube. Mary primarily responds to videos on the channel, along with Vlogs of her daily life. She also posts brief videos of herself on YouTube. Check out her YouTube channel (Link mentioned below)

Bebahan Wikipedia:

Real name – Bebahan
Education – Graduation
Age – 26 (as 2022)
HomeTown – United Kingdom
Profession – Content Creator & Social Media Influencer.
Birth – Born in UK, on August 14, 1996
Family – N/A
Brother/Sister – N/a
Networth – $1m
Boyfriend – N/A

Bebahan Real Name:

On occasion, the usernames for Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms are different. As a result, we become perplexed regarding her genuine name. Bebahan is also Bebahan’s true name.

Bebahan Age:

Her birthday is August 14, 1996, which falls in June 2022, as you know. She was 26.
Bebahan often creates material for Instagram and Tik Tok to engage more users and audiences. She was also interested in modelling from a young age and wanted to pursue it.

Bebahan Career:

Bebahan has collaborated with several companies and advertising agencies to sell its products. She also has a well-known Instagram account with more than 250k followers, where she has amassed her fans by posting gorgeous, sizzling, and hypnotic images and videos in various poses. She is also well-known on Twitch, where she regularly streams games live. On Twitch, she attracted a sizable following. She adds more than 40.000 Twitch subscribers.

She has enormous YouTube success, as I said before. She has more than 500k subscribers on her Youtube channel and posts videos on Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok channel now has one million followers. On Tik Tok, she primarily shares her dancing, lip-syncing, and live-stream videos.

Additionally, she runs a prosperous beauty salon in the UK. She has worked in the beauty industry for three years, and her business and social media use are highly successful.

Bebahan Physical appearance:

Bebahan is youthful, attractive, and seductive. She consequently has a slender and lean body. The young people love bebahan a lot. Since she has a doll-like appearance, she stands about 5′ 4″ tall and weighs about 49 kg. People enjoy watching Bebahan’s videos because of her slim build, pure brown eyes, and brown-black hair. She has long, silky hair and lovely, average-sized eyes that are incredibly charming. Her personality is lovely.

Bebahan Net Worth:

On her social media platforms, she has to collaborate with many firms. She is quite knowledgeable about modeling and beauty advice. If you’ve noticed, she frequently uploads Instagram photographs of brand collaborations. In addition, she makes money via streaming videos on the Twitch platform. She also has more than 500k subscribers on her Youtube account. All studies indicate that she has a high net worth. She now earned a lot of money. The $1 million Bebahan net worth.


Because most celebrities attempt to keep their love and personal lives private, there is no doubt about her relationship. As a result, despite our extensive inquiry, we could not determine her relationship. We will update this story with any new facts we learn about her relationship.

Bebahan Family:

Her mother’s name is N/A, and her father’s name is N/A when referring to her family. If we discuss her parents, they are N/A. We’ll update it shortly. We did a tonne of research on her parents and family, but we were unsatisfied with the findings.

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