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Ultimate Guide to the Best E-commerce App

A smartphone is probably the best invention of our lifetime, as apart from its primary goal – communication, it enhances all the spheres of our life, with businesses getting the biggest share of benefits.

While global digitalization brought businesses and audiences together, ‘smartphonization’ made the distance even shorter as the sell-buy experience becomes as close as just a few clicks on the screen and here you are – the order is placed, and pick-up or delivery is expected within hours or days.

Initially, E-commerce businesses would focus their attention on a highly functional website available on the desktop; however, nowadays it is worth reconsidering the approach and concentrating on a mobile-friendly E-commerce application, which will attract a bigger audience and establish an extensive influence in the chosen niche.

What are the major checkpoints of E-commerce apps development to consider, when targeting an always-on-a-go society? Let’s follow the guide.

Ultimate Guide to the Best E-commerce App

What Is an E-commerce Mobile App?

An E-commerce mobile application is a complex of design patterns and functionalities that let the customers proceed through the sales funnel seamlessly, while businesses get timely reports on the efficiency of the store’s performance, and customers’ preferences.

E-commerce app development focuses on creating a solid tech background for seamless store functioning, and a unique selling point (USP) to make the business stand out among numerous competitors.

The fundamental features of the E-commerce application are:

  • Smooth and intuitive navigation
  • Carefully planned and implemented UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) features
  • Visually-pleasing design
  • Brand, philosophy, and tone of voice, all of them being interwoven into the structure of the store
  • Inventory management

The Major Aspects of E-commerce App Development

1. Market Analysis

Market analysis helps to define one of the most important aspects of the app’s performance – the target audience, their needs, behavioral patterns, likes and dislikes, etc. All the insights will help to build a customer avatar, which will guide the team of designers and developers while creating as much relatable as possible applications.

2. Competitors analysis

When entering any type of industry, learning about the environment is essential. By the end of 2023, the number of E-stores had reached 26.5 million, with a clear tendency for an exponential increase in the following years. Such figures imply fierce competition and a need to create a USP (unique selling point) that will offer value of a certain kind for its customers.

Apart from having a team of analytics, who will analyze the market, the business owners should dedicate their time to learning the market from the customer’s point of view, observing the way to convey their messages and interact with the public, paying attention to the benefits they offer to clients.

After seeing the big picture, it is important to outline the strategy of development pinpointing the features that will make the E-store different from others; otherwise, you risk being a one-of-many instead of a one-of-a-kind store.

3. Choice of developers

The smooth functioning of the store, an eye-pleasing design, a highly intuitive layout, quick processing, and app responsiveness – all the features that benefit customers’ shopping experience should be attributed to the team of developers. Businesses are responsible for ideas, and general vision, yet that’s the developers who do all the ‘digital’ talking, writing the code, and teaching the app ‘behave’ properly.

The right choice of developers is 70% of overall success; therefore, dedicate your time to communication with companies who have a proven track of successful projects, and whose developers possess an extensive level of professionalism and knowledge, like Emerline.

Emerline is a leading developer company, whose skillfulness will turn your E-commerce app into the main game player on the market. Here you can find more details and insights into Emerline’s performance and their contacts.

ecom app

What Are the Main Features of the App?

The features of the application reflect the USP and make your application distinct. Among the most required characteristics are:

  1. Simple registration process – the registration routine with all the passwords to create, and emails to confirm are annoying, and often leads to the customers abandoning the store. It is worth considering the quick recovery option via the phone, or connectivity through social media websites.
  2. A multitude of payment options – an e-commerce store should offer the most popular payment options to ensure the comfort of the customers – debit and credit cards, E-wallets, and net banking – the variability of the methods will influence the number of customers finalizing the deal.
  3. Wishlists – wishlists are beneficial for both the customers and the businesses. The customers will not forget about their preferences and will quickly resume their shopping journey, while the businesses have valuable insights into the customers’ needs.
  4. Checkout procedure – the checkout is the final stage of the sales funnel, yet, it features up to 70% abandonment rate due to the complexity/duration of the procedure. It is important to organize the process as easily as possible, to help the customer go through the payment gates.
  5. AR and VR options – AR and VR are the current trend in E-commerce, bringing an extra level of comfort and shopping immersion for every customer. AR and VR technologies recreate the feeling of presence when purchasing goods and let customer check their Подходящесть
  6. Push notifications – such notifications provide customers with valuable and concise insights into the E-commerce store performance like sales, discounts, and promotions that have value, otherwise, the customers will simply be annoyed.

The Final Thoughts

E-commerce is one of the most lucrative industries, as it eliminates all the borders between businesses and customers. E-commerce in a smartphone is even more effective, as all the shopping journeys can be performed at any time and place suitable for the customers.

An E-commerce application provides a better and faster connection with the customers, more personalized data for analytics, faster loading time, and a seamless shopping experience in between life-work matters – the benefits can go on and on.

E-commerce in a mobile-friendly form is a key to better commercial performance and thus, financial success. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals from Emerline, whose proficiency will elevate your prosperity.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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