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Best staffing agency in Portland Oregon

Scion is an award-winning temp staffing agency situated in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. It directly hires the employees by assigning an agreement with them based on the number of temporary workers placed. This agency hires different skilled workers for a short time period. It’s an executive search firm connecting leading companies and organizations with impeccable talent.

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At scion technical staffing they have a pool of candidates that are rigorously screened to ensure that they are experienced in working with the latest technologies. The areas which temp agency Portland recruits are Engineering, Data, Development, Infrastructure & Networking, Security, Programming, Emerging IT & Tech, and Creative & Design. And the areas of expertise which the scion offers are Web Applications, Project Management, Executive Leadership, Social Media & PR, and Sales or Marketing. They place immediate agency talent at various expertise levels within Administration; they hire Administration Assistant (AA), Executive Assistant (EA), and Office manager. In finance, workers are Directors, Manager, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Assistants. Within human resources Directors, managers, generalists, HRIS, and recruiters are associated. Operations consist of Operations Directors, Facilities, Directors, and Assistants. Marketing needs employees for Product sales, Interactive, Management, Directors, and Assistants. Same like in Sales Directors, Managers, Account Executives, Customer Service, and Assistants are present. IT skilled workers are hired who are experts in Engineering, Development, Architecture, Mobile service, SaaS, Analytics, and Helpdesk. The Creative section has opportunities for Interactive Designers, Creative Directors, Producers, Art Directors, and Assistants. And lastly, in the field of Executive Search National Leadership, CEO, VP, and Directors are present.

These are all the top temporary staffing and executive search firms for the last six years running in the business times in scion. They genuinely cared about the people they served and attribute their high standards of personal services as the primary reason why they are able to score such a high retention rate with their workers. Scion is a preferable temp agency on all other temp agencies because scion has earned a great reputation as a leader in exceptional talent identification and placement. The reason for its reputation is its award-winning honor. At scion, they offer you incredible talent opportunities according to your unique working requirements and skills and which suits your culture too. There are no preconceived notions. They connect their customers directly to the employees they need expediently and thoughtfully.

The foundation of scion cultivated different relationships with the individuals, businesses, and organizations with which they are rooted. They offer their clients unparalleled reach national and native networks with over 14,000,000 candidate options and boast a further private pool of over 250,000 fully vetted private professionals that continue to grow each day. Scion staffing serves five distinct areas of Corporate, Nonprofit information technology (IT), Medical / Healthcare, and executive search. Within each division experienced and skilled recruiters provide placements in different departments.

Their Exceptional National Recruitment Record shows that Scion Staffing was designed to serve corporations and organizations nationwide. They recruit for and staff an array of industries, services, missions, and technologies. International brands rapidly growing and their demands for services also increasing, at this scion actively recruit within competitive markets. They assist employers seeking experienced, diverse, and strong candidate options for hire.

Their heart and passion for their work, clients, and candidates alike are what propels their firm. Because of this clients chose to do their job over and over again. Each placement to them is an opportunity to make a long-term partnership both with their clients and with the candidates they represent. their corporate philosophy values ethics, innovation, socially conscious business practices, and diversity. They employ cutting edge recruiting technologies and modern recruiting approaches to drive the best possible candidate pools for their clients. That is how they lead their industry in recruiting and staffing.

Diversity is not just a term for scion. They actively provide a diverse pool of facilities to their clients. They are experts in diversity recruitment and executive search. For organizations, continually being competitive in employing a proven and robust recruiting strategy to attract the best talent on the market, has never been more important. In the modern world of job seeking, candidates have more options than ever before. But, the necessity to seek out the proper fit for your team has not changed. Allow Scion to be your storyteller in the market and they will bring forth the best talent for your team with their great skilled abilities and firm. Scion is able to win in the competitive environment of different agencies because of its recruiting and staffing facility which they provide to their clients. The candidates are head and shoulder above the candidates from other staffing firms in terms of skills, attitude, energy, and personality.

They are best in class as very much less than 1 percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S earned the 2018/ 2019 list of best executive recruiting firms in the world by Forbes. Scion is proud to possess earned its place among the absolute best of those firms and placed within the top tier of the leading firms. From entry-level to your management staff needs they stand ready to connect their clients to the talent they are searching for?

They are extremely enthusiastic, supportive, and a refreshing and inspiring ‘ Change of breath’. The great thing about Scion is that everybody there possesses character. These are legitimately good people, and that they know to staff. There’s nothing worse than giving your resume to some cubicle zombie whose life revolves around the toner level of the copy machine. You pour your life into that damned resume and you would like handy it over to someone who matters in how right? Well, Scion’s the place. The folks that Scion Staffing sends are always top-notch even with the shortest of notice. They are responsive, attentive to detail, and provide a great service.

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