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Reasons you should buy a house in Dubai

Houses, like people, have personalities, and, like the personalities of people, they are partly molded by all that has happened to them.”

Louis Bromfield

In the course of globalization, one can theoretically buy a property anywhere in the world, with the exception of North Korea(and we don’t recommend you doing that)But buying a house anywhere in the world doesn’t mean you should do that, according to the Mercer 2021 Cost of Living Study, which looked at 209 cities on five continents, measuring the cost of over 200 items such as housing, transport, food, etc. – the most expensive city to live in is currently Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. It ranks Dubai 42nd when it comes to cost of living which making it more affordable and convenient to live in as compared to other countries.

High standard of living at low cost

Comparing the minimum standard of living or lifestyle in other places, Dubai is the best option at any price point. The pace of improvement is even faster than other emerging economies in the world. The choice of lifestyle is diverse. It offers world-class infrastructure and quality products that enhance your lifestyle and allow you to live the way you want. Whether you buy a luxury flat in a sky rise or stay in a quiet beach house in Dubai in Palm Jumeirah, you can afford to live luxuriously in one of the most prestigious areas of the city.

In terms of cost of living, Dubai is now more attractive than other global Centre’s such as London, New York, Paris, and Dublin. When you visit Dubai, the first thing you notice is that it’s a dream city. You can ski indoors or take a dive in deepest pool of the world. There is a wide range of shops in the two main malls, as well as many restaurants and fast food outlets. You can visit cinemas, aquariums, theatres and skating rinks in the malls.

Strong Economy

While Dubai’s growth is no longer at the breakneck pace, it continues to thrive at a steady and sustainable pace. Dubai’s currency, the UAE dirham (AED), remains stable and strong, especially against the US dollar and the euro. This, coupled with steady GDP growth of around 5% per annum, makes Dubai one of the most financially stable destinations in the world. This economic strength is based on a large international workforce. Dubai companies are aware of this and offer generous salaries to those who choose to move to the UAE. The financial benefits alone are enough to entice many people to head to Dubai. Almost all of the world biggest corporate are making their presence in Dubai, the way the corporate sector is acquiring Dubai real estate it’s a positive indicator for Dubai Economy.

Affordable Luxury

Dubai is full of designer shops and five-star luxury hotels. There are many ways to enjoy the luxury of the city, from sampling the culinary delights of Dubai and other world cuisines to shopping for designer clothes. If you think you can’t afford these luxuries, you’re wrong. Street food is hygienic and delicious coming on par with luxury ones, and you can sample a variety of dishes from around the world. You can also buy cheap designer clothes from world-famous brands like H&M and Hermes which would be easy on the pocket book if you live in Dubai.

Tax Free Living

Most people come to the UAE because of the exciting career opportunities and, most importantly, because they want to make money. For many people, the fact that their salaries are tax-free inevitably means more money to spend and is one of the main reason you should move to Dubai. You can increase your savings, splurge or take a holiday. You may also spend less if you avoid designer shops, as you don’t have to pay VAT on all goods and food. Most expatriates find the economic incentives and affordable housing an enticing reason for moving to Dubai.

Reliable Healthcare system & Education system

The healthcare and education system of Dubai are up to international standards and are among the best in the world. This is a good reason to live in Dubai alone or with your family. You get reliable healthcare and your children attend the best schools. Many public schools in Dubai offer the international curriculum.

Safest country of the world

UAE is ranked the world’s 2nd safest country which makes Dubai virtually crime-free as the Dubai police ensure maximum safety of its citizens. This is due to the strict enforcement of the laws and the hard work of the police.  The crime rate is low compared to other major cities in the world. Men and women can walk safely in public places without getting into danger or distress.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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