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What are the Benefits of Cereal for Your Baby?

The global baby food market is predicted to grow from USD 53.31 billion to roughly USD 76 billion in retail sales in 2021. Increasing demands for working women to prepare infant formula is the key aspect behind the growth of the global food market.

Infant foods are classified into infant milk formula, dried foods, and prepared food like baby cereal. Unlike other grubs, baby cereal is recommended by pediatricians because of its healthy vitamins like folic acid, ascorbic acid, and iron.

Cereals are also added to breast milk or in thickening bottled juice to ensure that the baby is getting all the nutrients for growth. Here are other benefits of considering organic and natural baby cereals.

It Can Treat GERD

About two-thirds of four-month-old babies suffer from symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD). It’s a digestive disorder that creates discomfort on the ring of the muscle between the stomach, esophagus, and the lower esophageal sphincter (LES).

Treatment for GERD may depend on the symptoms and age of the baby, but it usually includes medicines, surgery, and feeding changes. Feeding your baby rice cereal is one of the cheapest yet effective ways of treating GERD.

This is because rice cereal is packed with an extra weight that can help these babies keep their formula at desired levels.

It Helps Babies Sleep Better

Waking up at night to feed a baby can be incredibly challenging. Adding cereal to breast milk and formula will help babies sleep better.

While there is no sufficient data to back up this claim, newborn babies sleep in short stretches because their digestive and nervous systems lack the nutrients it needs to develop.

According to Kidsco, a bigger meal or even the addition of rice cereal and formula ensures that your baby meets the caloric intake needs per meal. Therefore, ensuring that your baby will sleep longer.

It Prevents Constipation

Babies usually experience constipation when trying on new foods. Baby cereal is rich in fibers that act as a natural purgative to avoid illness.

Cereal fibers add bulk of nutrients to their stools to make the bowel movement process gentler and more relaxed. Baby cereals also blend well with fruits and vegetables to make your dishes exciting and more flavorful for your baby. Grains are also an excellent introduction for your baby of other new solids as well.

It Promotes the Overall Health of the Baby

Baby cereals are brimming with extensive amounts of healthy ingredients and proteins that are essential in bolstering the immunity and overall condition of your child. It can also help enhance their appearance and is an excellent source of energy.

Cereals also contain iron, zinc, and magnesium, which are all necessary to aid in growth and development. At roughly six months of age, the breast milk iron of mothers naturally decreases and have fewer nutrients.

Replacing milk and other formulas with solids like baby cereals ensures that their growth is permanent and uninterrupted. You can find the best and affordable stage 2 baby cereal from reputed brands like Bio Kinetics.

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