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Choosing the Right Skid Steer: Factors to Consider for Your Project

We are most efficient when we cooperate with each other and encourage teamwork. The reason why we made it this far is because of our ability to help each other out and lend a hand. No one can do everything, but everyone has a unique and irreplaceable talent they can handle. When we combine this bunch of talents and everyone does their job, wonders are created. This is why planning a big project is important and looking at how everyone can contribute to it.

Skid steers are an important part of construction projects and they need to fit right. Just like a puzzle has all of its pieces where they need to be, a skid steer needs to fit right in this puzzle. Making the right choice is not like making a nuclear bomb, but you need to sit down and plan before you just get a random machine. With this short guide, you will understand the factors you need to consider before choosing the right skid steer.

Dump trailers

In the construction business, the aspect of junk is often overlooked. All residue must be removed or stored elsewhere so you need to think about these solutions first. This is why you must think about the dump trailers first, do you want them with ramps or no ramps? How much dirt or other material do you expect to carry?

You need to think about these parameters first before you think about the right skid steer. A skid steer is not an isolated part of this scheme, no matter the sector. A skid steer is a cog in a machine that needs to be tethered carefully to utilize it to its best. If you commission a big skid steer that can’t unload to a small dump trailer, it will be useless. A skid steer is only useful if it fits the rest of the plan seamlessly.

Carry capacity

Bigger is not always better and that applies to skid steers perfectly. A skid steer will function at its best if the carrying capacity fits the purpose of your job. A small skid steer is way more convenient and mobile, however, do not try to overload it. Overloading a skid steer can cause a serious malfunction that can cause a lot of harm. This may cause harm to not only the machine but also the operator and the people around the machine.

However, choosing the biggest skid steer can also cause harm if you can’t grab anything with it. A big machine that can’t be controlled is the worst danger on any kind of terrain or any kind of job. Be careful not to mix up two important terms when considering a skid steer. The rated operating capacity is what you are looking for, not the operating weight. The latter is how much the skid steer weighs with full gas and the operator.


Scale is always relative until real numbers are crunched and presented. Frames are separated into 3 precise categories that include small, medium, and large frames. The small frame has an operating capacity of 1 550 to 1750 lb and around 50 horsepower. These smaller ones are most mobile yet they can carry a lot of weight. The medium frame will suit you if you are looking to up the weight to 2 200 lb and 70 horsepower.

This is a dramatic increase in operating scale that fits a lot of construction jobs. However, if you are looking for real heavy-duty machinery, you need to look for a large frame. These frames cover everything above 2 200 lb and above 70 horsepower and they are big. You can also consider a different combination of skid steers for the job. For example, maybe two medium models can suit you better than one with a large frame.


The terrain is maybe the most important factor because this is the one that is the hardest to manipulate. Skid steers function optimally on flat and smooth terrain, they are not made for muddy and bumpy terrains. If you need to work on such terrains, using smaller skid steers is the wiser choice. If you expect rain or ice during the project, you may need to think about alternatives to the skid steer.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, a skid steer is not worth anyone’s life. Always consult with other professionals that are on board for the project when thinking about safety issues. Even if you do not care about your workers’ safety, you should think about other consequences. For example, if an accident happens and you knew it could happen, the word will spread pretty fast.

Different attachments

Not all skid steers can be equipped with the same attachments, which is very important to consider. When people think about skid steers, they usually think about the mini excavator attachment, but there are many more attachments. A wise choice of a multi-practical skid steer can reduce a lot of costs for your project.

The drill attachment is very useful and these attachments are easily interchangeable. The only problem here is figuring out what attachments fit your skid steer. Companies are a whole lot greedier and they do not like to share attachments. This is why many will try to make attachments exclusive to one type of skid steer forcing you to buy only those. These attachment complications can cause a lot of trouble on your project and a lot of wasted time.

By thinking about these factors, you will do more than just choose the right skid steer. You will also tackle the difficult task of logical decision-making while thinking about a lot of limiting factors. What separates us from AI at this point is our ability to make choices deductively with limited information.

This means we can look at the most important factors and make a logical statement about the problem. AI is fed by a lot of data and through these sets of data, it makes a decision based on calculation. However, life is more than just arithmetics, there is no equation that can help you live this life properly. However, making the right choice about your skid steer is a great way to practice your critical thinking.

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