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Designing the Dining Room you Always Dreamed of

Whether you have recently purchased a new house or are in the middle of redeveloping your long-term home, your attention may have turned to design and creating a dining room fit for a king and queen. If you have spent years eating on the sofa, carefully balancing your dinner plate on your lap, when you eventually progress to having your own dining room it’s only right that you should make it special.

This is a space that should easily lend itself to social gatherings with friends and family members, as well as romantic occasions with that someone special. Dinner parties, dates and just somewhere you can sit down with a comforting bowl of pasta are just some of the reasons why your dining room should be well looked after.

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Dining room

Clean and Sleek

Your dining room shouldn’t be cluttered and should be as simple as possible. Allow the table and its decoration (centre-pieces and any candles etc…) to demand the attention of all those in the room. Keep furniture to a minimum, simply to allow as many guests to dine comfortably without sitting and/or standing on top of one another.

We also thoroughly recommend that all furniture, especially the table itself, is made of a material that can easily be cleaned and is durable. Do not settle for cheap furniture and décor that not only will not last but will only serve to bring down the entire look and feel of the space.

Don’t Skimp on the Dining Table

What is a dining room without a high-quality dining table? Nothing, that’s what, and it is why you should be willing to pay for a table befitting of your dream dining room. When you have designed the space and adequately fitted it out, complete with complementing décor, the image in your head certainly isn’t of a low-quality table akin to the kind you would find dirty old toys presented on at a car boot sale.

Budget for the table, as well as suitable dining sets and cutlery that doesn’t look out of place upon it. A high-quality dining table, preferably one that has been handmade from 100% solid natural oak, will cost anywhere in the region between £1,000 to £5,000. You should also make sure to invest in the accompanying chairs to go around the table because your guests simply won’t be impressed if you ask them to sit on a garden deck chair.

Wine Rack

Dining room with wine rack

For when you have adult company, whether that be in a social or romantic sense, a beautiful wine rack sitting in the corner presenting your collection makes a subtle statement. A terracotta wine rack has been the choice of many homeowners-cum-wine enthusiasts that know their chardonnay from their sauvignon blanc. It’s durable whilst storing wine in its optimum state, whilst allowing the owner an element of flexibility in its design.

Wine should not be allowed to be left in anything other than suitable conditions because, as anyone knows, a bad wine can ruin any dining experience. Those most in the know will be able to recommend the ideal wine to accompany any dish, perfectly complementing and exclaiming the taste and flavours for a most delightful culinary experience. For such people, one bottle simply isn’t enough, therefore requiring the presence of a wine rack to store your options.

While the dining room may not be the room you spend most of your time in (that honour goes to the living room and bedroom) or indeed be considered the heart of the home (take a bow, kitchen), this is arguably where you take most satisfaction. Good food was not meant to be consumed from your lap or whilst distracted by the television. Ask any chef and they will agree that a dining room that seats you and your guests comfortably is the best way to appreciate your meal.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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