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How to Conduct an Effective Audit of your PPC Campaign

If you find out that your PPC campaign is not giving you the desired results, it is time to perform a PPC audit. It will help you to identify the issues on your current campaign so that you can rectify them, and will bring you back to the right track. It is extremely important to regularly audit your campaign to ensure that your strategies are moving in the right direction. Below are some of the ways that you can consider to do an effective audit of your PPC campaign.

Get all your information in order:

Take a look at the appropriate information to perform a robust PPC audit. Most people generally begin the process by determining how much time his or her PPC campaign has been running. For more details, take a look at pay per click services. If the campaign was switched just a week ago, you would not have enough analytical informational data to make an efficient PPC audit and derive exact conclusions. Therefore, make sure that you have analytics worth at least three months before jumping into your audit. Before making an audit of your PPC campaign, sure about the information that you want to focus on. If you find a decrease in its clicks, then concentrate on that particular KPI. If you have recently made any change on the appearance of your ad and things went wrong, then audit on that specific problem.

Take a look at your campaigns:

After you have just prepared for your PPC auditing session, now the time has come to look at your campaigns. To give a perfect structure to your strategy, campaigns play a vital role. This also helps you to organize your PPC strategy inside Google Ads itself. Based on how you would like to structure your campaigns, you can set your strategy to be less or more successful. After you are sure that each of your campaigns is targeting something specific, you need to include some other valuable campaign elements like- device targeting, geographic targeting, measuring the bid strategy, budget, and user behaviour. Clear all your doubts regarding the elements based on your goals and needs.

Consider your ad groups:

Ad groups offer you a way to organize the target keywords to attract clicks from the appropriate audience. It is almost impossible to reach the correct audience without correct keyword targeting. You must be well prepared with an organized group of keywords, especially when the matter is about your ad groups. Do not target keywords just for the sake of targeting them. Keep your attention on the user intent, and figure out what your users are trying to obtain when they are searching for the keyword that you are targeting. Now, take a look at your CPC. Consider your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) to maintain the intactness of your budget. Also, pay attention to your budget and see where the budget is going and make sure that it is the correct place to invest.

Your ads are important:

To make sure that the users click on your ads, make the content and appearance of your content pleasant. In many cases, ads are left out without even being tweaked or tested. In this way, you can lose your money. You should do an A/B test on your PPC ads. This means that you will be testing version A against version B. For each test, just tweak only one element to make sure that the outcomes are conclusive. You need to consider different ad variations, wording, appearances, and calls-to-action.


The primary goal of your audit is to examine your campaign. Therefore, it is better if you can create the list of all the actions that you took to perform the PPC audit perfectly. After creating the list, you can break down the actions according to your priority levels. Just remember that there are always things to improve. Set your goals and identify your objective to make sure that you are not out of your focus to create a correct PPC audit.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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