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Everything about Chrystal Gbaja Biamila

Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila is a partner of Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. Her partner is a former specialist Football player in the National Football League (NFL).

Chrystal Gbaja Biamila rose to fame as the encouraging partner of a well-known previous expert American football player in the National Football Organization (NFL), Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.

Besides being a star partner, Chrystal is not acknowledged for any other reason, as her career is under evaluation.

Her hubby, Akbar, is a sporting activities expert for the NFL Network and one of the co-hosts of The Talk on CBS.

Below is all the information about Gbaja, including her bio, age, height, net worth, and even her hubby. Keep tuned to us till the end.

Bio of Chrystal Gbaja Biamila

Chrystal Gbaja Biamila has yet to supply precise details concerning her day of birth, birthplace, as well as her parents’ details, similar to Katianna Stoermer Coleman.

Also, her instructional info is still being determined. But her hubby, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, was birthed in Los Angeles, California, on May 6, 1979. He went to Crenshaw Senior high school in South Los Angeles.

What Is Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila’s Relationship With Her Partner?

As mentioned over, Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila’s partner is Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. The couple was satisfied at an Oakland Raiders vs. Carolina Panthers ready for the first time. At that time, Chrystal visited Akbar’s performance.

After the video game, their mutual friends introduced them. Later, the duo fell in love with each other as well as started dating. Ultimately, they obtained engaged at the end of 2004.

After one year of interaction, the duo exchanged wedding event pledges in Los Angeles, The Golden State, in 2005 before their family members, relatives, and close friends.

Already, Chrystal and also her spouse are living a euphoric life.

Together, Chrystal and her hubby, Akbar, share four bundles of joy. The duo is the honored moms and dads of four children.

They initially invited their twin infant daughters, Nasi Biamila and Naomi Biamila. Afterward, Chrystal brought to life their boy Elijah Biamila, followed by the birth of the youngest daughter, Saheedat.

The ideal family members of 6 are living and investing a great deal of time together in Los Angeles, The Golden State. Also, they frequently went on household holidays and journeys, and there were no reports of a separation.

Chrystal Gbaja Biamila’s Net Worth

Chrystal Gbaja Biamila is living a comfortable life with her household. There are no exact details on her overall net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her spouse deserves $7 million.

He is significant as an American tv personality and a previous specialist football gamer. Moreover, Gbajabiamila had already signed a contract worth $7.4 million with the Miami Dolphins.

He is the co-host of The Talk on CBS and a host of the Universal Children spin-off program, American Ninja Warrior Junior. So, from this, he additionally includes some cash.

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila’s Job

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila is a previous expert Football gamer in the National Football League (NFL). He is likewise a sports analyst for the NFL Network and among the co-hosts of The Talk on CBS.

He is also a co-host of American Ninja Warrior on N and the Universal Kids spin-off program, American Ninja Warrior Junior.

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