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Home Fragrance Options for Scent Lovers

Scents are mood boosters that can completely change the course of your day. Waking up to the smell of your favorite flowers and coming home to a musky abode can be empowering, especially if you cannot live without fragrances. But perfume is not limited to your typical spritz and roll-ons, as there are also products like Devon Wick which has plenty of ways in which you can infuse scents into your home.

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Home Fragrance Options

In the past, home fragrances were purchased from the grocery store and were typically a fresh scent with primary notes of lemon or lime. They usually smelled like dishwashing liquid, which was unpleasant for most. However, now, there are a plethora of exotic scents that are commercially available and accessible both online and in stores. Brands such as Mor offer a variety of scents in various forms to infuse your home with the most alluring perfumes that will surely boost your mood.


A classy, no-flame favorite among contemporary homeowners is a diffuser. While there are modern diffusers on the market, a reed diffuser is a simpler, quieter, and organic option that will make your home bloom in an explosion of exotic notes. Reed diffusers consist of two parts: a blend of fragrance oils and reed sticks. Once the reed sticks are in the bottle of fragrance oils, the scent essentially travels through the sticks and diffuses into the room.

What makes reed unique is its rattan composition, a natural material that consists of micro-sized channels that allow the liquid to travel upward. You can modify the strength of the scent by adding or removing reeds. Diffusers are particularly fresh, floral, or fruity. The smell of lemon blended with floral undertones will give life to your living room, while the fruity bohemian notes will make your nights dreamier. It is a superb option if you want your home to have a sweet fragrance day and night, as you do not have to worry about putting out a flame before bed or before leaving your abode.


While some prefer home scents that do not involve bringing out a matchbox or lighter, candles are undoubtedly calming and can set the perfect mood for a relaxing or romantic night. But you have to be careful when working with candles. For one, it is advisable not to leave them burning all night or when not at home. If you exert caution, then you will be able to enjoy the lovely scent from lighting a candle at home, worry-free.

An important thing to note is that most commercial candles primarily consist of paraffin wax, which releases toxic fumes when burnt. It contributes to various lung diseases, including cancer and asthma. As a result, you must purchase candles made out of soy wax, which releases about 90% less soot than paraffin, resulting in a cleaner and more pleasant home environment.

Many brands offer the most beautiful deluxe soy candles with pretty notes of peony blossoms, lilies, and strawberries. Mor is one such reputed brand. If you like the musky scent of oriental wood paired with alluring fruits, then a pepper berry cardamom blend will turn your home into a woodland fairy forest. There is an almost endless number of fragrances that you can choose from to elevate the mood of your home.

Fragrances are undeniably crucial for setting a pleasant ambiance to entertain guests and personalize your space. Nothing sets the mood better than your favorite scents intertwined with the comfort of your home.

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