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How to Apply for Asylum – Quick Guide

Are you in harm’s way in your country of residence? Are you suffering persecution and looking for a safe country? If yes, your safety is possible when you seek asylum.

Asylum is the protection given by a country to people who have left their country of residence for the fear of persecution and it has become impossible for them to be protected in their home country. Give yourself a chance to live in safety by following this quick guide for seeking asylum.

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Quick Guide to Apply for Asylum

You must be eligible to apply for asylum in a new country. To be eligible under the international refugee convention, it must have been impossible for you to be safe in your home country. The reason for your persecution must be as a result of your political opinion, belief system, race or other discriminatory factors.

Once you are eligible, you can follow this guide:

1.  Apply to Claim Asylum

This is where you register to claim asylum. You fill all the application forms and attach all the necessary documents requested for the application.

2. Attend a Screening at the Home Office

If you register your asylum claim at the border, you will have your screening there as soon as you arrive. If you have been in the country before, you can also contact the home office to register your asylum claim and have your screening.

At the screening, your picture and fingerprints will be taken. The officers will interview you to know where you are coming from and who you are. You can ask for an interpreter if you need one. You will also be asked about the reasons why you want asylum.

3. Attend Asylum Interview

After the screening, the office will organise an interview to ask further questions about how you were persecuted. You will also be asked reasons why you are afraid to go back to your country. At the interview, you have access to an interpreter if you need one.

You are expected to bring all evidence, medical records, and birth certificate to establish your case. You can also bring your lawyer for the interview. In case you don’t have a legal representative, you can ask that your interview be recorded.

4. Get a Decision

There is no set time for your application but you should get a decision within six months. If your case is complicated, your documents will be verified and you might need to attend more interviews. After this, you will either be permitted to stay or be refused.

What Documents do you need to Apply for Asylum?

Documents that you need to apply for asylum vary from country to country. However, there are general documents that are recurrent in all asylum applications. The documents include the following:

  • Your recent passport-size photograph
  • Copies of your passport and immigration documents
  • Police registration certificates
  • Other identification documents like birth certificate, driver’s license, or national identity card
  • Copy of your asylum declaration
  • Copy of declarations from witnesses
  • Copy of reports of country-condition and any other news that shows the human rights violation
  • And any other documents that you think will aid your application

While applying, you can submit your documents in another language but they must be completely translated into English. The translation should also be accompanied by a certificate of translation which shows that the translator is fluent in English and the other language.

Different Leave Granted to an Asylum Seeker

Usually, when an asylum claim is granted, the claimant becomes a refugee. However, the home office may refuse to grant refugee status but still grant certain leaves. The different types of leave granted include:

  • Humanitarian protection

This is granted in a situation where an asylum seeker does not meet the requirements under the refugee convention but still needs international protection.

  • Other discretionary leave

Asylum seekers can be granted leave to stay temporarily in a country. This is given instead of refugee status when it is very difficult for the person to return to the country of their origin. How long you will stay depends on the circumstances of your case.

If both the asylum and leave are refused, you can be given the right to appeal. If you have no reason to stay, you can either leave by yourself or you will be forced to leave.


Steps to claiming successful asylum are not far-fetched. All you need to do is follow this guide to ensure a successful application. You have the absolute right to live a secured life. Apply today to create another chance to live.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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