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How to get your vacation home ready for summer

Getting your vacation home ready for the big summer break is not easy, especially if it is abroad. You have to pack, travel, make sure that everyone has everything planned out, and maybe even invite some friends to come with you. You also have to think about shopping for everything you need, what you will do while you are there, how you will make the most of that time, and what you can do to make it different from the last time you came. There is a lot to think about, so this guide is here to help make the task a lot easier.

What you need to do if your home is by the sea

Having a shorefront home may be a dream for many people but it does have its own ‘to do’ list:


Having a summer house right on the seafront is all well and good until you are faced with the weather. Strong winds, high tides, and storms can do a number on a building’s structural integrity. Going in and making sure that the house is fit to live in is very important to keeping your family safe.


If you live quite a distance from your summer house, you aren’t going to want to keep your valuables there, including your boat, while you aren’t able to monitor them properly, especially if your home is situated in a popular tourist destination, like by the sea. This can be a big thing on your conscience and isn’t worth the worry.

However, you are going to need to think about getting your valuables, such as a boat to your summer house, in a hassle-free way. Looking for a man with a van who can get your boat to where it needs to be, whether by road or by water, can be a great and secure way to get it from one point to another. This also really helps if your vacation home is in another country.

What you need to do if your home is in the woods

A home away from it all may be peaceful and calm, but not until you’ve completed a couple of odd jobs:


Giving your vacation home a thorough inspection for all kinds of pests is really important if you live in wooded areas. This isn’t just things like rats or anything else on four legs. There are also things with considerably more legs like insects, which can pose a danger to your family.

This can include silverfish (especially where things can get damp), cockroaches, lice, or other forms of mini pests that can just make your relaxing summer getaway not so relaxing after all. Some might be a minor inconvenience, others might damage the property, and some might be a danger to your family’s health aside from any phobias about ‘creepy crawlies’ any of you may have.


You are going to need to make sure that no damage has occurred while you were away. This is really important to your family’s safety. This doesn’t have to be damage to the property itself, either. It can be potential dangers, such as problems to the trees surrounding the property or the land. You might want to make sure that there are little to no dangers in this regard, whether that involves bringing in a tree surgeon or doing some of the clearance yourself.

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