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How to Revamp Your Home Decor with Resin Art

Resin has been used for many centuries, evidence has been found of it dating back to as early as ancient Greece. Traditionally resin is found in medicines, used in varnishes, and waterproofing but it wasn’t used in art until the 1930s.

What is Resin Art?

Resin art use in home decor has been increasing in recent years. You can do it from home yourself as long as you fully research what to do. It’s fun to make and with its highly versatile qualities, art resin can be used in seemingly endless different and creative ways. Plus, once it has dried, it is an extremely durable and strong substance that can last many years in your home.

The substance used when creating resin art is actually known as epoxy resin. It is created by mixing liquid resin and a suitable hardener. Depending on your project, you’ll need to check how much epoxy you need. Epoxy resin has revolutionized interior design to create innovative and elegant pieces which can completely revamp your home decor.

Creating Your Own Resin Art

If you’re interested in creating resin art, then you’ll have the creative license to create whatever you want that would best suit your home. As well as gracefully fitting in with your pre-existing decor, it’s always a proud moment when someone asks where a piece is from and you can say “I made it!”.

Although epoxy resin has become popular to make from home as a hobby, you are still working with chemicals and need to ensure that you are ready to commit to the process and take the proper precautions when doing so. In terms of personal protective equipment (PPE), you’ll need gloves, goggles, and a good-quality mask. It’s also recommended that you use a well-ventilated space, wear long-sleeved clothing, and use a separate sink from your usual family kitchen. You also need to make sure that any other people in your household are not coming near you when you are working to avoid exposing them to the chemicals – or ensure that they also wear PPE.

You’ll also need to have the right equipment and materials, in addition to a lot of patience! It does sound more complicated reading about it but once you get started you’ll see how easy it is and you’ll be producing resin art non-stop! If creating the art yourself is not your style, then you can find plenty of pieces out there already done for you.

Resin Art in Your Home

Resin can be used in a variety of objects, furniture, wall art, and much more. You can put so many different materials and objects within resin as well – such as glitter, dried flowers, shells, and pretty much anything else you can think of. This means you can create almost anything which will suit any of the rooms you have in your house.

Unique Furniture

You can make furniture completely from resin! Because the resin is such a strong material, it can be used for things such as dining room tables. Mixing colors and creating patterns means this piece of furniture will be the ‘wow factor’ in your home. With the glossy finish, it really adds to the elegance of a room, and it’s as easy to clean as glass.

Repurposing and Repairing Items

A great example of using resin to repair or spice up a piece that’s already in your home is a table that has a natural gouge in it. Cracks in a wooden table can be filled with your choice of colored and decorated resin which creates a characteristic and unique piece of art.


Combining a practical object with an artsy twist is a great way to introduce a creative element in the home. Out with a boring standard clock, and instead replace it with some resin wall art that also tells you the time!

Wall Art

Getting experimental is what resin art is all about. With the different colors, textures, and things you can encase in resin, you’ll be able to make or find something that will suit your wall. Whether it’s the bathroom, living room, or bedroom – a framed piece of art on your wall can be the difference between a mediocre-looking room and a great-looking room.

Things to Consider

Because resin art is so versatile, you need to think about what exactly you want to look for. Considering the following can help you decide what kinds of art you want on display in your home.

Utilizing Colors

The ability to color resin means you can match decorations to your interior color pallet, or you can make/buy a colorful statement piece to contrast a room that can draw focus and attention.

You could try using or looking for a unique combination of colors in something to create a truly unique collection. Think coasters with different swirling designs and colors on each – placed on the coffee table – with complementing placemats on the dining table. Same style, different colors – how elegant!

Showcasing Your Interests

Within resin, it’s possible to place items that could reflect things that you like. For example, If you like flowers or have the floral decor in your home then you might immortalize real dried flowers inside resin using a mold. You could use the type of room to theme your piece of resin art like in a games room, a quirky idea might be to place old games pieces or controllers on a resin coffee table.

Resin art is such a must when it comes to your home decor and honestly why wouldn’t you have some sort of resin art in your home? It can be used to make everyday objects more exciting, create whole pieces of furniture or simply be there to look pretty. There are plenty of places you can buy amazing-looking resin art or do give it a go by making some yourself. Whether you prefer contemporary decor or something more traditional, you can find almost anything made from resin that will suit any of the rooms you have in your house.

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