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Improving Your Office with New Mezzanine Floors

You may have heard about mezzanine floors before but might not know what they are or how they’re useful for your office. One of the best ways to improve the look of your office and increase revenue is by transforming your unused space into flexible commercial floors. Heighton Mezzanine Floors in Sydney will add a modern element to your business and could be the perfect solution for maximizing office space.

What is Mezzanine flooring?

Mezzanine flooring is popular in building construction. It is normally seen in warehouses, cafeterias, retail stores, malls, and other buildings. A mezzanine floor refers to a raised flooring that’s generally seen above a lower floor so that it resembles the letter “M.” Mezzanine floors are not part of the actual building’s structure and are fastened onto a supporting wall or column using metal brackets or wooden blocks. The mezzanine floor can be used for many purposes, including extra storage space, office room, walkway, or exhibit area.

Mezzanine flooring is somewhat of a catch-all term used to describe any flooring defined by its unique use or application status, as opposed to what it is made of. It can be thought of as a middle ground between wood and concrete in that a mezzanine may sometimes be constructed of wood but is often built for long-term stability with concrete, stone, or even steel.

An additional floor

Mezzanine Floors are built in between the Lower Floor and the Higher Floor. In other words, the Mezzanine Floors are present between floors in a building. It can be defined as an intermediate floor or a floor between two others. Also, it acts as an alternative space that can be used for many purposes. These additional floors can be connected through stairs or ramps to the other ones. The main benefit of Mezzanine Floors is providing a huge amount of extra space in a building with minimum additional cost over time.


You’ve heard that there are more millennials than baby boomers. You know that many of these millennials want a remote working arrangement where they don’t have to travel as much, if at all. Your company is scrambling to figure out how to accommodate everyone in the right space so that you can increase profitability while easing all of the pain points of space and budget. What do you do? You might look into officeMezzanines!

Once you’ve planned and designed how to use the space on the ground floor, you will want to talk to your Mezzanine professional about how best to plan the second floor or Mezzanine Floor.

By taking advantage of the height of a building and creating a mezzanine level, you can add a whole extra floor of usable office space within the existing structure. This is particularly useful in older buildings where it is not always possible to create extra office space within walls or at higher ground levels.

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