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Is Casey Cott Married? Is he Gay? What is his Height, Age? Who is his Girlfriend?

Well, we have already discussed a few of the celebrities who are or were part of popular TV series Riverdale. In this comprehensive blog today, we will talk about Casey Cott, who is a popular American actor. The CW’s Riverdale inspired by the Archie Comics Publications characters and among few recurring characters, Casey Cott is one of them during the first season of Riverdale. After re success of TV series first season, Casey Cott was being promoted to be a regular part of the series to date.

In the history of Archie Comics Publications, the character of Kevin Keller which is played by Casey Cott in the Riverdale series is the first openly gay character. He played the role with such passion and well that all his fans are eager to learn more about his sexual orientation in his real life. Is Casey Cott gay? Let’s find more about him and get into more of his personal and professional experience to learn more about him.

Biography of Casey Cott and his Age

In the year 1992 of August 8th, Casey Cott was born in Michigan to parents named Lori and Rick Cott. However, he grew up in Ohio (Chagrin Fall). He graduated from Chagrin Fall High School. His father was a former pilot in the Air Force and an investment manager. Casey Cott is the second child among three of his siblings. He has one younger sister and one elder brother.

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After high school, Casey Cott started studying at Boston University, where he studied acting. Afterward, he transferred to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, and in the year 2016, he graduated.

The career of Casey Cott

When he was young, then his mother bribed him with $50, so he can take part in school musical which was also the trigger for him towards acting career. Eventually, he started by performing in Ohio’s local theatres. He played in Michael Friedman’s rock musical – Bloody-Bloody Andrew Jackson, Romeo Juliet production, and many others.

He also got involved in the regional theatre while studying in the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, at the same he worked in some University productions. In the year 2014, he starred in one of the play Parade at the New Hazlett Theatre in the city of Pittsburgh. At the Small Engine Repair at Barebone Productions, he was involved in its productions in the same year.

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In the year 2016 of August, he played the character of Moses in Stephen Schwartz’s musical project at the Bay Street, New York (Sag Harbour) – The Prince of Egypt alongside Shuler Hensley and John Cariani. During his final year at CMU, he grabbed the role of Kevin Keller Riverdale which is the TV adaptation of the Archie Comics.

In the year 2017 when Riverdale started on the CW network, Casey Cott received the role of Casey Cott where he portrayed the very first openly gay character of Archie comics. Later, Casey Cott in one of his Facebook videos revealed that he originally auditioned for the roles of Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones instead of the lands up to the part of Kevin Keller. After season one he was promoted as series’ regular character.

In the year 2017 of March, Casey Cott announced at SXSW Festival that he would be the lead character in the upcoming movie Mascot which started filming in the year 2018 in Atlanta. Also, the movie is directed by Matthew Perkins.

Is Casey Cott gay?

Following the successful interpretation of Kevin Keller’s character played by Casey Cott (which is an openly gay character in the Archie comic’s history) in the Riverdale series of CW network. Rumors started flowing around that Casey Cott might be gay in his real life. However, he is not gay, but he mentioned once that he enjoys playing the role of a gay person in the Riverdale series.

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For him, he credits the entire team of Riverdale from directors to producers, writers, and actors who made his character so comfortable on-screen that he enjoys playing the gay role in Riverdale. He said that they all helped him to bring the best in him. According to Casey Cott, it was the vision of the entire team of any series who supports to make the work success and must comply with the vision of its director and producers.

Wife or Girlfriend of Casey Cott – Is he married?

Currently, this young actor is not married and does not have any children of his own, though he is the uncle of his elder brother’s son. Like many celebrities and Hollywood actors, he also kept his life under wraps from the public eye and media. He is not even that active on social media in discussing his personal life.

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Though it was once mentioned that he dated American dancer, singer, and actress Stephanie Styles neither of two ever confirmed the news or rumor. So we can say that it was all made up stories by some media gossip site/magazine.

Brother of Casey Cott

Casey Cott’s elder brother is also an actor who won many stage credits. In Broadway Musical Newsies he replaced Jeremy Jordan who played the character of Jack Kelly. Then, in the musical Bandstand, he played the role of Donny Novitski. Later, in the year 2017 of May Meghan and Corey Woolard welcomed their first child together, and they named him Elliot Michael Cott, and Casey Cott became an uncle.

How tall is Casey Cott – His height

Casey Cott does have not only a charming face but also a handsome personality as he stands the height of 1.83 cm or 6 feet 0 inches. He also maintained a perfect body with 78kg weight or 172 lbs. His waist measures 32 inches and his chest/arms and biceps measure 42-15 inches.

So this was all about Casey Cott which we mentioned here.

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