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Max Baer : The Oldest Star in the World?

Who was Max Baer?

Max Baer, born on February 11, 1909, in Omaha, Nebraska, was a celebrated boxer and actor. He ascended to the status of world heavyweight champion in 1934 after defeating Primo Carnera and defended his title once before James J. Braddock bested him in 1935. Known for his vibrant personality, he appeared in films like The Harder They Fall and Africa Screams. He passed away due to a heart attack on November 21, 1959, at age 50.

Is he still living?

No, he isn’t. The Max Baer nearing 103 years of age isn’t the famed boxer and actor but his son, Max Baer Jr. Born on December 4, 1937, Max Baer Jr., known for his role as Jethro Bodine in the classic TV series The Beverly Hillbillies, is alive and well as of June 2023.

Why is he deemed the world’s oldest star?

While Max Baer Jr. has had a long life, he isn’t the world’s oldest star. Several other celebrities, such as Betty White (101), Kirk Douglas (106), Olivia de Havilland (107), and Norman Lloyd (109), are older than him. However, Max Baer Jr. holds a position among the longest-lived stars whose careers began during Hollywood’s golden age. He debuted in film in 1960 with Gold of the Seven Saints and has since featured in over 20 movies and TV shows, most notably The Beverly Hillbillies, which aired from 1962 to 1971.

What are his current activities?

While primarily retired from acting, Max Baer Jr. occasionally graces fan conventions and charity events with his presence. He owns a Nevada-based casino named Jethro’s Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino, showcasing memorabilia from his popular show. Baer Jr. resides on a ranch near Lake Tahoe, where he enjoys the company of his dogs and horses. He has remained unmarried and childless but had a long-term relationship with Chere Rhodes, who tragically passed away in an apparent suicide in 2008.

What’s his current appearance?

For someone of his age, Max Baer Jr. appears remarkably vibrant, sporting a full head of grey hair and a warm smile. He has kept himself in good shape through regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, and managing stress levels, have also contributed to his health. He attributes his longevity to his genetic makeup, his lifestyle choices, and his buoyant sense of humor.

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