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Nicki Minaj’s Mom, Boyfriend, and Brothers

The rap music industry is always male artist dominated, and for any female rapper, it is hard to excel in this field. However, one woman magnificently managed to become one of the top rapper artists and break the barrier. Yes, we are talking about none other than Nicki Minaj. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago (Saint James) as Onika Tanya Maraj. But when she became famous after the first album, she decided to adopt her renowned name. Most people who claim to her top admirers and fans do not even know her real birth name.

Nicki is not new in the industry who uses her stage name more than her original name. Several artists do the same regardless of their country of origin or genre. They hardly use their birth name on stage. The question here is how much fans of Nicki know about her personal life and social life. Most celebrities like to keep their own life private, but media people see every way to unearth all the details, and they turn all stones to gather everything about their favorite celebrities. In this comprehensive blog, we will tell you more about Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend, ex-lovers, brother, and her mother which will shed more light on her personal life and help you understand more about it.

Who is Nicky Minaj’s boyfriend?

At the age of 32, most people assume that this gorgeous rapper is married and should have kids as well and she must be enjoying stable family life. It is good news for most of her fans that she is not married yet and when it comes to kids then she mentioned once that she doesn’t want to be some kid’s baby mama! So, Nicki does not have any kids as well. When Nicki was dating Meek Mill and introduced her as a baby father, then there were many rumors about her being pregnant. Like many celebrities and glamorous personalities, Nicki also has a series of flings as well as some serious relationships. Casual or serious but she was knocked up at the age of 15 by her boyfriend. Like every teenager, she decided against aborting her baby, and as she mentioned: “this decision haunted me for years.”

Robert Rihmeek Williams’s stage name is Meek Mill, and he is an American hip-hop recording artist who is 28 years old and brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, he is on top of the Nicki Minaj ongoing boyfriend list. Their relationship started after Nicki broke up with Safaree Samuels who is another famous artist. They were in contact for 12 years. Lately, Safaree Samuels released one of his songs where he insulted Meek Mill apparently to hurt Nicki emotionally. For some of us, this gives most of us the impression that Safaree still has a bitter feeling for his ex-Nicki Minaj.

Some people may have the speculations why Nicki need to break off with her long-term boyfriend to date a man who is four years younger to her. People like us believed that these two love birds which were in a relationship for such a long time would undoubtedly end up tying the knot with each other. The direction and peace of her relationship with ongoing boyfriend rapper gave us few hints that he and Nicki will end up on altar soon especially when most recent rumors about their engagement are floating around. Even in one of the reported articles, they announced of buying a house together. They will inevitably move in a long and might end up in marriage with each other.

Nicki Minaj Mother

The mother of Nicki is Carol Maraj. Her mother is from Afro and Indo-Trinidadian ancestry. However, her roots originated from Trinidad and Tobago (Saint James). This is the place where Nicki was born. Nicki’s mother Carol was married only at the age of 20 years, and immediately she has the son taken. Nicki is her second child. She initially worked at the National Insurance Board (NIB) and Ministry of Works as the accounting of Clerk. And she also worked as a foreign exchange teller at the NCB or National Commercial Bank. Her mother Carol always has a passion for singing, and she also did a few songwriting as well as playwriting drama for her church. Now you can understand from here Nicki got her interest in singing and songwriting.

Nicki Minaj’s Brother

Nicki is blessed with a large family like a typical Milato girl. She has four siblings, one sister, and three brothers. As well as many of aunts and uncles. The brothers are Jelani Maraj, Micaiah Maraj, and Brandon Lamar. Her only sister is Ming Maraj. Nicki is fond of her siblings and loves them a lot as she often speaks about them in her interviews. She specifically loves her sister, and in sibling love, she often describes her as silly. She also mentioned sometimes that how much she is proud of her other siblings and brothers.

Like many celebrities, Nicki’s life is also very public, and she does not like to hide anything whether it is about her boyfriend or family. However, she tries to protect her siblings as much as possible from unattractive media glare so that they can lead their average life without much of paparazzi. However, her siblings also enjoyed their sister’s fame so far but do not like to have the media attention on their personal life. Her brothers run their occupations, and they are doing well both socially and financially.

Nicki Minaj is pretty much active both in her professional and social life. Though Meek is four years is younger than her. However, that does not stop both of them to enjoy their special moments together. They love to flaunt their relationship in front of media and cameras as well as on social media. After her pregnancy rumors were debunked, it is not hard to spot that Nicki has come a long way from being a teenager and she knows exactly what she wants in her life. Even she is not afraid of reaching out for things she wants until she gets it.

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