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Nikita Dragun Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Is she a Trans?

Nikita Dragun, also is known as Mama Dragun, is all-around beauty guru, fashion entrepreneur, makeup artist, model, and social media star. She has been the star for a good number of years among millions of people around the globe. Her lifestyle and tutorial vlogs have garnered more than 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube and not to mention more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Moreover, in her flourishing career as a fashion and beauty expert, Nikita Dragun is also known as LGBTQ activist. She even herself a, and she uses her Instagram profile and other social media channels to fetch the attention on important issues like trans community.

Nikita Dragun Ethnicity and Age

In the year 1996 of January 31st Nikita Dragun was born in Virginia (Springfield). She is multiracial as she is born to a Mexican mother and Southeast Asian (Vietnamese) father. She was raised among three of her siblings; two sisters named Taliah Nguyen Marriott and Allegrah Nguyen Capri and a brother Vincarlo Nguyen. There is not much information about her school and early education. However, it is known that in the year 2014, she was enrolled in Los Angeles FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising).

As a fresher from the college, she began her journey via the Instagram social channel and soon started seeing an increase in her number of followers. Afterward, she created her YouTube channel in the year 2013 of February. She mainly started as a beauty and makeup vlogger. Over the years she made a lot of efforts towards social causes, and now she is an essential voice in LGBTQ community.

Nikita Dragun also landed several major brand endorsements owing to her go-to person and ever-rising profile as everything on fashion and beauty. She even has the collaboration with Bellami hair, which works on her synthetic wigs. In the year 2017 of June, she completed her education and finished the major in Beauty Merchandising and Marketing. In the year 2018 of May, this YouTube and Instagram sensation collaborated with makeup and beauty brand Morph on their lipstick collection.

Nikita Dragun – Before and After Becoming Trans

Though Nikita Dragun was initially raised as a male or a boy and given the birth name “Nicholas,” she always knew from her early teens that she was much more drawn towards feminine gender. At her very first class on physical education, she insisted on putting the shorts with side cuts and joined the girl’s line. She also loved to sneak her mother’s makeup and try to put them on herself. At the age of 8, she for the first time come across the documentary on transgender subject and people, which is considered as a life-changing moment for her as it gave birth to gender transition idea in her mind.

While growing up, Nikita Dragun has no role model as she never met anyone in her life who is transgender in her home state, Virginia. Moreover, during that times talking and exploring the LGBT community or people was a serious taboo, that is why she kept her identity secret and make people believed that she is gay. Finally, when Nikita Dragun become high school graduated with a lot of courage, she went to her parents and spoke about her sexual orientation and like as well as dislikes. Initially, her parents were shocked like any other conservative parent of those times. However, they landed their complete support to her throughout her journey as a transgender.

In the year 2013, her popular YouTube channel is created; however, initially, she kept the fact of her being transgender under the wraps from her followers and viewers. Almost after two years in the year 2015 of December, she finally opened up about her sexual orientation and announced her true identity on social media and public platform via an emotional video tagged as “I am a transgender,” which gone insanely viral. She even started a Vlog series called “Transformation Tuesday,” where she is much vocal about the LGBT and transgender topic.

Boyfriend of Nikita Dragun, who is she dating?

Though Nikita Dragun was always outspoken about her sexual orientation and being transgender on social media channels. This part of her life like who she is dating or who is her boyfriend is unclear. Throughout her ascending career as YouTube and Instagram influencer in makeup and beauty category is known to be associated with more than one love of her life. Unfortunately, none of them who were associated with her can be authenticated.

Nikita Dragun dated many people, including Oscar Utierre, who is a Los Angeles based fashion designer. Currently, she is single and not dating anyone. Oscar and Nikita Dragun started sating even before she made her gender transition and their relationship sustained for a good number of years, and it was well-hidden from the eyes of prying media. When Nikita Dragun released a video blog on her YouTube channel titled “Ex-Boyfriend does my makeup” then only it was made public that both Nikita Dragun and Oscar were parted their ways. Moreover, it was the first time their relationship was made public.

Body stats and height of Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun is 160 cms tall, which is 5 feet and 3 inches. This social media influencer weighs 112.5 lbs or 51 kilograms and we must say that she maintained a trim physical physique. Currently, she has three distinctly visible tattoos on her body one inscription tattoo of word “Dragon” in Arabic on her wrist, one large tattoo on her back and one small tattoo on her sternum. Mama Dragun, aka Nikita Dragun, have the love or a thing for dragon tattoos.

This was all about Nikita Dragun guys! When we talk about the LGBT or transgender community, then most people turn their faces as if it is some taboo. People or we would say celebrities like Nikita Dragun is making the difference and raising their voice for LGBT and equal rights.

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