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Spend some quality time in Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix Attractions

Arizona is a state with many attractions to see, and Phoenix is a great base from which to explore over a few days or a week or longer. It can be tiresome to stay in a different motel or hotel every night but if you stay a week or more not only will you save money, but you will have much more time to get to know this fascinating region and its many attractions.

Phoenix attractions

Grand Canyon

Arizona is best known as the home of the magnificent Grand Canyon, and a visit to this global attraction is a must. Driving time from Phoenix to the canyon is around three and a half hours or longer, depending on where you are in Phoenix.

Montezuma Castle

High above Beaver Creek a three hour round trip from Phoenix is an ancient Native American dwelling named after Montezuma, an Aztec emperor. Built-in the 12th century by the Sinaguas Pueblo Indians, the dwelling is made of limestone and adobe and was named by white settlers who believed it must have been built by the Aztecs.


Jerome is a ghost town an easy day trip from Phoenix and well worth the drive to see it. Restaurants and refreshments are available. The Gold King Mine Museum’s displays describe the history of this fascinating town. Some buildings have been restored, while others are ruins.


The beautiful town of Sedona lies a two hour drive north of Phoenix. Hiking and off-road driving are major attractions, and the town is one of the eight greatest attractions in Arizona.

The red rock mountains surrounding the town make it a mecca for photographers. It also attracts artists, and there are many galleries to enjoy during your visit. Four attractions not to miss are Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock State Park, and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Sedona is also popular among New Agers, who regard it as a spiritual center.

Phoenix Attractions

The city of Phoenix is blessed with dozens of attractions such as museums, including the Musical Instrument Museum and 300-seat theater, Rosson House Museum, the Children’s Museum, and the Wells Fargo History Museum.

The many places of natural beauty in and around Phoenix include Piestewa Peak, Echo Canyon, Camelback Mountain, Papgo Park, and South Mountain Park. If you enjoy hiking or just drinking in the sights of beautiful scenery, Phoenix has much to offer.

Accommodation in Phoenix

Many hotels and motels offer nightly accommodation, but if you are staying for longer the most cost-effective is a weekly rental. Among the options are Palm Shadows or Siesta Palm, which you can view and book online.

Renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment for a week or more not only cuts your costs but also makes it more of a home away from home, especially as you can cook for yourself if you want.

There is so much to see and do in and around Phoenix that you will definitely want to stay for longer than just a day or two if you have the time.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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