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Seven Reasons Why Good Product Packaging Can Help Your Business

Did you know lots of businesses make the mistake of dismissing shipping boxes as a necessary part of the product? When you go to the local mall, you will always be attracted to well-packaged products. This means that consumers are not just concerned about what is inside, but they also care about how the product is packaged. Product packaging plays an important role and it affects your business.

Your Item Needs Protection

Businesses that do not invest enough in their shipping boxes end up damaging their products either during shipment or when a customer uses it. Hence, you must invest in good packaging materials that keep the quality of the product intact. When you are deciding what materials would be suitable for your product, you must ensure that they are reliable and sturdy.

Furthermore, many companies prefer packing their products with locks and seals that reduce the chance of tampering. You do not want to disappoint your customers, as they expect a functional item in pristine condition when it is delivered to their doorstep.

In case of breakage in transit, customers are going to approach you and expect a refund or a replacement. That’s just going to hurt your bottom line. That’s one of the prime reasons why good product packaging is so important.

Depending on the kind of product you offer and its overall fragility, you need to make sure that the packaging is sturdy enough to withstand knocks and drops during delivery.

Promotion of the Product

If you do not want to spend too much money on sponsorship or ad commercials, the least expensive way to promote your product is through appealing shipping boxes. When your item sits on the shelf, it should stand out and get your customer’s attention. Many products come with a description, especially if it is a food item. Some items may have an instruction manual on the packaging, which helps consumers decide whether they should buy your product or not. Printing important information regarding the product can help you manage your customer’s expectations, reducing dissatisfaction among them.

Help Customers Decide to Buy Your Product

When you are deciding which product packaging your business should opt for, you should always ensure that it is a design that people can comprehend. No one likes to buy products that have very difficult or complicated design patterns. They say that it takes three to five seconds to capture your audience’s attention in a print ad; however, you only have two seconds to capture your shopper’s attention through your product packaging. This means your business has some tough decisions to make. You have to make product packaging strategies that help you attract customers to buy your product.

Some items will not sell if the product packaging is too wordy; rather, you should invest in the graphic design and aesthetic appeal with as few words as possible. All this can help your product stand out, and you will get more customers to notice you and purchase your item.

Hence, choosing a colour and product packaging design that tells your brand’s story as accurately as possible becomes vital in your business success. It would help if you did a product packaging evaluation before launching your product in full swing.

Differentiating From Competition

Your product may have competition. What should you do to make your item look better than the rest? Once your product is on shelves in the local store, it will be stacked alongside similar products; that is when the real battle begins. Not many customers will stop and spend a good amount of time reading and analyzing which product best suits their criteria. Most would be drawn to your product due to its product packaging. If you also have safe shipping boxes to deliver to your customers, then you will certainly have more buyers.

Credibility and Trust

Many consumers associate a product’s value with the product packaging. This means that if your product packaging is cheap-looking, your consumers will think that the product is cheap too. One way to ensure that your product is of high value is simply focusing on the packaging.

Using material, colour, and designs of high quality can give that message. Use your packaging as a way to offer value to your customers. You can start by focusing on your product’s unique value proposition to ensure that it reflects on its packaging. However, make sure that you stay truthful and transparent. You can never go back if you misrepresent your product’s ability or potential. You will seriously damage your brand’s reputation, and your customers will not confide in you again.

Cost Savings

If your business ensures that its products are packaged right, you avoid the risk of having damaged items returned. Your customers will not keep an item delivered to them in bad shape; most likely, they will have it returned to you. This means you will lose out on your profits and incur high costs instead. The cost of damage must remain low if you want your brand to become a success.

Eliminate Backlash

In the world of social media, where everyone is hooked on Instagram or Facebook, posting a picture online of a beautiful product packaging takes seconds. So does a bad review. Studies say that about 45% of consumers take social media to share their negative reviews. Hence, if you did not get your packaging right, you will always get a backlash online, which will spread like wildfire. But a good packaging will certainly get more views on your online social media account.

Key Takeaways

There are many benefits of having good product packaging. Businesses must ensure that they are working hard toward getting the right package designs out there that convey the brand’s true story. You want consumers to know who you are and what value you are offering them through your product. Many of the challenges faced with good packaging design can be consulted with a professional packager like Mitchel Lincoln. The most important part of doing that is through good product package designs.

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