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How To Style Pastel Colors In Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is the time to break out your pastel pieces. This color palette is a classic and easy way to add a splash of freshness to any look.

According to Your Beautiful Boutique, pastel colors can feel a bit childish, but don’t be intimidated by these hues. They’re actually more flattering than you think!

Spring Wardrobe

1. Mix & Match

Pastel colors are the perfect way to re-energize your spring wardrobe and evoke feelings of lightness and freshness. This season, try incorporating soft sorbet hues like baby blue, pastel pink, and mint green into your spring outfits to get a refreshing, youthful look.

The best way to wear these colors is to mix and match them with different pieces in your closet. For example, a brightly colored t-shirt can be paired with a light and airy dress to create a chic and feminine look.

Alternatively, you can add a pop of color to your spring outfits with accessories in pastel colors. This can be done with shoes, bags, or even a headband.

When it comes to mixing and matching pastel colors, it is important to select shades that complement your skin tone. This will make sure that the colors don’t clash.

If you have a light skin tone, for instance, a pale pink or mint green dress may work well with your complexion. However, if you have a dark skin tone, a brighter shade of pastel may be more appropriate.

For a more balanced look, try pairing your pastel-colored dress with neutral shades of brown or black. This will create a stylish and sophisticated look that’s ideal for any spring occasion.

Another way to incorporate pastel colors into your spring wardrobe is to add a pastel coat. This will instantly give your outfit a stylish touch.

This type of coat is available in many different hues and patterns, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your personality. You can pair it with a white blouse and black jeans for a casual and polished look, or you can style it with a pastel-colored skirt and a neutral bag to create a sophisticated ensemble.

You can also go for a lilac-colored coat to give your spring outfits a more romantic vibe. Whether you choose to wear it over a pretty floral dress or a pair of light blue jeans, this soft and subtle shade will make your outfit stand out.

The color is a popular choice amongst women, and it can be worn in many different ways. It is a perfect color to add to your spring wardrobe because it embodies the sweet, feminine side of the season.

2. Mix & Match with Prints

Pastel colors are a popular choice for spring and incorporating them into your wardrobe can help you bring some lighthearted cheer to your day. They are also a great choice for creating a soothing and calming environment.

For example, a baby’s nursery or a kitchen that needs a soft look can benefit from incorporating pastel hues into their design. This color palette is perfect for bringing some light and comfort to any room and is especially nice when combined with other brighter hues for a pop of contrast!

Another way to style pastel colors in your spring wardrobe is by mixing and matching them with prints. Prints can add a touch of pattern and texture to an outfit and are a perfect way to make an otherwise plain color scheme stand out.

A striped floral dress, for instance, is a fun option when you want to incorporate a pastel color into your spring wardrobe. Pair the dress with a cute scarf and fresh handbag to really give it some spring flair!

To add a touch of pattern to your pastel-themed look, try a printed coat in a similar color as the dress. This will tie together your entire look and create a cohesive spring ensemble!

Alternatively, you can pair a patterned coat with a solid-colored dress for a more casual, yet still feminine, look. You can easily add a pair of flats or sneakers to this outfit for a more trendy and comfortable spring look.

A simple pastel-colored jacket will work well with any type of print, and it can even serve as a great focal point for a whole outfit! You can wear a pastel-hued pink jacket with a bright checkered print dress or even a floral-printed skirt for a cool, chic look.

You can also mix and match different shades of pastel to get a completely new look! You can try pairing a powder blue jacket with a white skinny jean and a pink blouse for a summer outfit that’s both comfortable and stylish.

Paint company Sherwin Williams has created a wonderful palette for interior decorating called Shapeshifter that includes muted pastels tones for a beautiful effect. The color combination is so relaxing that it’s even great for a bedroom or home office!

3. Mix & Match with Denim

A soft, sorbet palette of pastel hues like milk caramel, velvet peach, pale pink, powdery mint, banana, guava and lavender is all the rage these days. These colors are a great way to brighten up a look, and it’s easy to find them in the latest collections.

One of the best ways to incorporate the sweet, ice-cream inspired shades into your wardrobe is to mix and match them with other neutrals. You can do this by choosing a simple, neutral colored top and a pair of jeans in a more colorful wash.

For example, a navy-blue blouse paired with dark pink jeans is a fun way to make your outfit pop. It also creates a more sophisticated look and will still make your outfit feel fresh and springy.

Or you can also mix and match a light-wash denim shirt with a darker blue denim pant for an extra pop of color. This will create a more balanced look and is easier than you might think.

Another way to get a casual, yet fashion-forward look with this trendy trend is by pairing your favorite pastel jeans with a neutral sweater or cardigan. This will give your outfit a little more depth and help you pull off this particular trend effortlessly.

If you’re not sure about putting together an entire outfit in these sweet, cotton candy shades, you can start by picking up one of the statement outerwear pieces in a swirl of colors. This will serve as the basis of your outfit and will help you to easily add other pastel hues to it if you choose to.

For a more casual approach, try a pair of jean shorts in a pastel shade such as lilac, coral or peach. You can pair this piece with a white tank and sneakers for a more casual look that’s perfect for any day of the week.

The key to this look is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral to ensure that the focus is on your jeans. Alternatively, you can pick out a pair of sandals or a pair of boots that are the same color as your jeans for an even more feminine look.

4. Mix & Match with Intense Colors

Pastel colors are a classic spring staple that are a little bit more subtle than their bolder cousins. However, they still look super trendy and cool to wear for different occasions.

One of the easiest ways to style pastels is by mixing them with intense colors. There are plenty of clothing, footwear and accessories that feature both soft pastels and brighter hues.

You can easily incorporate both of these color trends into your wardrobe with just a few simple pieces. Try a dress or skirt in a soft pastel like pale pink, mint green or light yellow with some contrasting items in more intense hues like red, hot orange or even rust.

Adding a pair of heels with this look will help you create some contrast between the delicate pastels and the bolder colors in your outfit. You can also add some accessories in a similar tone to the piece that you’re wearing so you can further enliven your look.

For a more sophisticated look, go for pastel yellow with a matching silk chiffon wrap top and a pair of vintage high-waist jeans. A pair of strappy heels will finish off this look and help you achieve the sexy look that you’re going for.

If you’re looking for a more casual look that’s a little trendier, you can also experiment with a pastel yellow jacket and a pair of pants. Whether you prefer a cropped jacket or belted wide-leg pant, this pairing is sure to be a hit.

Another way to mix and match pastel colors with intense colors is by incorporating a touch of metallic. This trend is making a huge comeback this season, and it’s a great way to make a statement with your fashion.

In fact, it’s becoming a popular choice for many designers and influencers this season. It’s a warm, earthy color that looks perfect on everything from dresses to blazers. You can also pair this shade with other bright, vibrant colors like coral or turquoise.

The best way to wear a piece that features both pastel and intense colors is by strategically picking and choosing your pieces. Using this advice and the tips and ideas you’ve read above; you can put together an outfit that will be both flattering and stylish. With a little creativity, you’ll be on your way to looking amazing this season!

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