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The Best Resource for New Age Scanners

Did you know that the first scanner was invented in 1957? It’s hard to believe that the simple drum scanner built by Russell A. Kirsch and his team paved the way for advanced imaging technology. Modern scanners such as Fujitsu’s models integrate unique and powerful capabilities to support home, business and academic users.

Transitioning to the Digital Age of Scanners

Scanners were designed to capture and save data in electronic formats. As imaging and data storage technologies advanced, scanners became smaller, lighter and more powerful. Whereas hard drive space was once required, today’s models like Fujitsu’s ScanSnap printer series afford the ability to save data without a hard drive. Scan-to-cloud functionalities eliminate the need for a connected external drive or even a USB thumb drive.

These same technologies have also made scanning fast, precise and more convenient. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap models come with touchscreen scanning and intelligent image processing for improved clarity and accuracy. Intuitive touch panels let you select your desired options to scan, format and save within minutes — or even seconds.

Scanners for Different Businesses

When choosing your scanner, you must consider a few factors: your average scanning volume, the types of materials you need to scan and available physical space. ScanSnap models are more than capable of handling the needs of home users, remote workers and many small business owners.

Enterprise-level desktop scanners like Fujitsu’s fi series handle higher-volume requirements with features like Intelligent Paper Protection and Clear Image Capture. Network scanners allow multiple user access from a centralized machine. Some models offer automatic and manual feed modes plus flatbed scanning to handle bound printed materials.

ScanSnap iX1600

The ScanSnap iX1600 combines several of Fujitsu’s core features. Easy Touch-Screen scanning pairs with personalized settings, allowing multiple users to access their preferences and scan documents within seconds. Like other models in the ScanSnap series, the iX1600 offers scan-to-cloud and wi-fi connectivity for secure digitization and storage. You can also save in several popular formats: searchable PDF and JPEGs along with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Multiple feed modes make the iX1600 even more versatile. The unit comes with a 50-page automated document feeder plus a manual feeder for cards, envelopes, documents with sticky notes and other hard-to-scan items. It also includes duplex scanning capable of up to 40 pages per minute.

Fujitsu’s fi-8170

The fi-8170 also offers many useful features. This flagship model was designed for demanding workflows, equipped with Intelligent Paper Protection and Image Monitoring to help prevent paper jams. Multi-feed Detection allows for complete image capture, while Fujitsu’s Clear Image Capture uses a proprietary color-matching processor to produce high-quality scans.

The fi-8170 is ideal for higher-volume environments. It performs both manual feed and automatic document feeding, scanning up to 70 pages per minute. Its 100-page ADF and color LCD panel add user-friendliness and convenience.

Scanners for the 21st Century

With so many collections of scanners in its product line-up, Fujitsu is an industry leader in imaging technologies. From home users to large offices, the brand offers robust and capable scanning solutions for every environment.

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