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The Importance of Worksite Safety Glasses

The statistics show a shocking percentage of labor getting eye injuries per year. Majority of these are work related injuries, as a result of poor eye protection measures. These injuries are quite serious and if not addressed on time, can result in loss of sight. Thus, it is extremely crucial for employees and employers both, to understand the importance of safety glasses.

Worksite safety glasses must be made mandatory on sites by employers, given that vision is a very sensitive matter for all. And likewise, employees must abide by the regulations and constantly wear safety glasses while being on work. Eye safety glasses are categorised under personal protective equipment, serving as a protection tool while employees are exposed to hazardous tasks.

3 Reasons why Safety Glasses are Important:

Wondering why they are so important? Here are some reasons!

1. Protecting Against Bright Lights:

Safety glasses are extremely helpful in securing your eyes from the intensity of bright lights. Welding torch light is one of the most hazardous lights for the human eye and we all know that people working on welding projects have safety glasses on. Laser lights are also harmful. On the other hand, if you have poor eyesight, you can get protective glasses for driving too as they will secure your eyes from vehicle lights too.

2. Protection during Sight Harming Tasks:

Safety glasses play a huge role in protecting your vision during some specific tasks. Welding, construction, mining and maintenance tasks are quite harmful for the vision.  This is why people working on construction sites always have safety glasses on. The dust, debris and pollution on worksites also increases the risk of eye dilemmas. Thus, with the right safety glasses, you get full protection from all of them.

3. Prevention from Eye Issues:

Majority of people have vision dilemmas these days; why so? This is because we have to sit in front of our computer screens for straight 8-9 hours. This leaves a constraint on our eyes, damaging them slowly. Safety glasses can play a huge role in offering protection against laptop or computer screens as well. They block the rays of the screen light and reduce its negative impact largely. It is best to wear them  all the time, while working on the computer for best protection.


Understanding the importance of worksite eye safety glasses is the first step to including them in your life for good. People who work in the construction industry understand its importance and are thus seen wearing them almost all the time. However, it is about time that labor must be educated about it as well, so that they can wear it at all times, whilst indulging in tasks that can harm their vision.

A little care can go a long way and can secure your eyesight for a brighter and healthier future.

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