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Things To Avoid When Renovating Laundry

People usually do laundry weekly. And YES, doing laundry is a headache, we all know that but what if we can organize the laundry environment in such a way that doing laundry seems easy and less exhausting. Without the necessary plan and organization, your laundry might end up taking more time than it has to.

As we spend a good amount of our time doing laundry, it is worth organizing.

Here are some blunders you should avoid when renovating laundry.

1.   Planning without thinking about the future

It is one of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their laundry. They do not think about what kind of appliances they will be needing to save time or money. It is important to keep your plans in mind when renovating laundry.

You might have been thinking about buying a condenser dryer to save you time with your next paycheck but you did not think of it when renovating your laundry which will be problematic in the future when you buy the condenser.

You should also think about having an extra family member in future when finalizing your laundry design because if you do not keep extra space for that, you might have to redesign your laundry all over again in future.

Check out these laundry renovation ideas from Kaboodle to design a proper layout and organize your laundry.

2.   Less or no storage

Every laundry needs a proper storage area where you can keep all your baskets, detergents, softeners and bins. This will let you take clothes out easily from the baskets or appliances. With less storage space, everything will be messy and you will keep losing your stuff.

3.   Design without a ventilation plan

Laundries are usually closed places with the least ventilation. This causes difficulty in breathing when doing laundry as we work in the washing area and all the humidity because of wet clothes.

People usually forget to design a proper ventilation plan for their laundry. Installing an exhaust fan is a very small expense that should not be neglected. Drying clothes need proper ventilation to avoid musty smelling clothes.


To avoid these blunders, ask yourself the following questions when designing a layout for your laundry

  1. Do you have any plans for buying new equipment in the near future?
  2. What would suit you? Folding station above the dryer or on a side?
  3. Do you have enough space to do washing, folding and other chores comfortably?
  4. How many cabinets do you need to accumulate all of your laundry stuff?
  5. Would you have enough natural light in the place or you will need to install some lights?
  6. Where would the appliances and the newly added sink be?
  7. Will your appliances get proper plumbing and electrical without making it hard for you to move around?

Show your laundry some love with a full laundry renovation. Although renovating a laundry can be a time-consuming task, it is very simple if done correctly.

Start by reviewing your current layout to see if it can be changed to optimize space and give better efficiency. Finish the design and select quality items that are appropriate for your space and within your budget. To avoid any complications, remove your old laundry in a sensible way and arrange your laundry in the proper order.

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