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Truthsoft Review

Seeking a way to reveal someone’s online actions? Truthsoft might be your answer.

Truthsoft is a software solution that, by just using a phone number, allows you to discover undisclosed social media profiles, images, text messages, and more.

In this assessment, we’ll explore Truthsoft’s capabilities, and usage process, and weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get started.

What exactly is Truthsoft?

Truthsoft is a software designed to assist you in revealing anyone’s truth using just their phone number.

Per their official site, Truthsoft can:

  • Disclose hidden social media profiles, images, videos, and posts
  • Unearth their text and call log
  • Expose their online dating profiles and activities
  • Trace their location history and current address
  • Access their criminal records and background checks
  • And much more

Truthsoft assures they gather data from specialist sources to offer useful information in a single location, all under the protection of a 256-bit encrypted connection.

Truthsoft is a paid service, requiring either a monthly or annual subscription to access their reports.

How to Utilize Truthsoft?

Truthsoft is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Follow these steps:

  • Visit their website and input the phone number you wish to investigate.
  • Allow Truthsoft a few moments to scour their databases for matches.
  • Select the type of report you’d like to view (basic or premium).
  • Provide your email address and payment information to access the report.

And you’re done. You can now browse the report online or download it as a PDF file.

The report will provide a variety of data about the phone number owner, such as:

  • Their full name and any aliases
  • Their age and date of birth
  • Their current and previous addresses
  • Their relatives and known associates
  • Their social media accounts and activity
  • Their online dating profiles and activity
  • Their call logs and contacts
  • Their criminal records and background check
  • And much more

Here’s a sneak peek of what a report may look like:

Every tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and Truthsoft is no exception. Let’s explore some of them:


  • User-friendly: With Truthsoft, you simply input a phone number and await the results.
  • Thorough: Truthsoft can extract substantial information based solely on a phone number.
  • Reliable: Truthsoft has access to billions of records from both public and private sources, enhancing the accuracy of the information they provide.
  • Secure: Truthsoft maintains your searches and data under the protection of 256-bit encryption.
  • Cost-effective: With plans starting at $9.95 per month, Truthsoft provides options to suit various needs and budgets.


  • Not free: To access Truthsoft, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee, which may not be worth it if you’re only planning a few searches.
  • Availability: Truthsoft cannot guarantee constant service availability or an error-free experience, citing uncontrollable external factors.
  • Not a legal resource: Truthsoft is not a consumer reporting agency, and their reports are not intended for legal uses, such as employment screening, tenant evaluation, or credit decisions.
  • Ethical concerns: Some may consider Truthsoft to be unethical or intrusive, as it allows personal information to be revealed without the person’s consent or knowledge.

In conclusion

Truthsoft is a tool that enables you to delve into anyone’s digital footprints through their phone number, unearthing hidden social media accounts, images, messages, and more.

It can serve as a handy resource for confirming someone’s identity, performing background checks, or understanding their online behavior. Nonetheless, it comes with its set of limitations including a subscription fee, potential availability issues, no provision for legal counsel, and ethical concerns.

Therefore, it’s crucial to use Truthsoft responsibly, keeping in mind the importance of privacy and individual rights. If you wish to explore Truthsoft, you can navigate to their website and initiate your investigation right away.

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