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What to Expect if You Face Criminal Charges in Sydney

Criminal charges are complex and challenging. Sydney’s crime rate index is 51.07 and falls under the category of “moderate.” All crimes ranging from affray charges to armed robbery to fraud charges can fall become “crimes” as per NSW’s crimes Act 1900. However, the severity of penalties will vary based on the type and nature of the crime.

If you face criminal charges in Sydney, it may be time to contact criminal lawyers Sydney at the earliest. Experienced criminal lawyers will help you get an acquittal or bring down your existing criminal charges to a lower charge. The services and guidance of the legal expert will also help minimize the stress associated with navigating the case.

Criminal Charges in Sydney

Police Interrogations and Investigations

Not all people accused of crimes in Sydney go through police investigations and interrogations. However, the NSW police department will take particular interest in crimes that involve even a small level of violence or force.

The police will question you on the circumstances of the case and listen to your take on the situation. If possible, speak to your criminal lawyers in Sydney before interacting with the police. Criminal lawyers have detailed knowledge of NSW’s crime-related laws and procedures that form part of these laws.

Your lawyer may ask you to refrain from disclosing specific information until you are in a court or have more evidence to back your claim. Disclosure of the wrong information at any time during the interrogation can make the situation more complex. Also, ensure that the information you give the police can be substantiated with evidence.

Collection of Evidence

Judges will either hear your case in local court or during personal prosecution. You cannot win the criminal case unless you have strong evidence to back your claims. Each party involved in the case will present legal evidence in conjunction with their arguments. The evidence may be oral evidence or exhibits.

Your criminal lawyers will educate you on the kinds of evidence you need to collect and help you prepare written submissions and other documents to build your case. Convincing witness statements, photographs, videos, and other evidence can go a long way in proving your innocence.

Court Hearings

If you face criminal charges in Sydney, you will have to appear for court proceedings, as the judge determines. Expert criminal lawyers who offer litigation services can represent you in court and argue in your defence.

Moreover, if your lawyer has experience in the field, they will probably be aware of the prosecution lawyer’s strengths and weaknesses and figure out a way to use those to your advantage.

Your criminal lawyer may also study these lawyers‘ typical strategies and develop appropriate strategies to tackle different arguments. You will have to follow court etiquette when appearing for court hearings in Sydney. The legal expert will educate you on the litigation procedures and do their best to get you an acquittal.

Mediations and Other Proceedings 

“Out-of-court settlements” don’t usually work for criminal cases. However, your criminal lawyer may employ strategies to bring down your penalty to a lower penalty (if acquittal is not possible). These experts usually have excellent negotiation skills and will ensure that you get the best possible legal outcome.

Court Verdict

The judges will study your case, listen to all the arguments, examine all the evidence presented by both parties, and then announce the verdict.

In a typical criminal case, various versions of what happened at the crime scene are presented to the court or tribunal. The officials have to decide on the “findings of fact” and the correct law to be applied to the facts.

Criminal offences carry severe legal consequences and should be handled by educated, experienced criminal lawyers. Assess the reputation and reliability of the lawyer you choose before hiring them.

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