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3 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Specialist Obstetrician

Picking the right obstetrician is a big decision when you’re expecting. This is the doctor who’ll guide your pregnancy, delivery, and care. No pressure! But don’t stress – asking the right questions upfront makes choosing way easier. If you are looking for the qualified and best obstetrician, you can contact Dr. Stephen Cole: Your Partner for Specialist Obstetrician Services. Here’s 3 key Q’s to help find an obstetrician you click with and can trust:

What’s Your Philosophy and Approach?

Every OB has their own style. Some take a more natural, hands-off approach while others are more intervention-happy. And you’ll want to know if their perspective gels with the type of birthing experience you envision. Are they gonna encourage you to steer clear of interventions unless medically needed? Or jump to drugs at the first sign of pain? Their philosophy matters.

A good OB should take time to understand your priorities and wishes before making recommendations. If you want to try unmediated, but they push an epidural at the first contraction, there could be trouble ahead! The right doctor will advise you based on medical necessity while respecting your preferences. Just remember, there are no “bad” approaches – but there can be mismatches. So speak up!

What’s Your Availability As I Near Labor?

No one can predict exactly when baby will arrive (little stinkers love surprises). That’s why you’ll wanna confirm your OB has a plan to be available, even off-hours. Ask if they work with a team that ensures 24/7 coverage as your due date nears. Nothing worse than being left scrambling during go-time!

Ideally, your own OB would personally deliver your baby. But many work with qualified colleagues as backups for off-hour births just in case. Make sure you’re comfortable with the plan if your doc isn’t the one catching. As long as you and baby are in good, caring hands when go-time hits, that’s what matters most!

How Do You Handle Emergencies or Complications?

While you hope labor goes smooth as jazz, stuff happens sometimes. Whether an emergency c-section, unexpected bleeding, early delivery, or other curveballs, complications can pop up. So it’s crucial knowing your OB has top-notch skills to handle any situation to protect your and baby’s wellbeing.

Ask how they’ve handled emergencies in the past. Do they stay calm and collected? Collaborate decisively with nurses? Communicate each step so you understand what’s happening? Their abilities during crunch time are hugely reassuring. Having an experienced OB who’s unflappable under pressure can make all the difference if the need arises.

The right OB-patient relationship is built on open communication, mutual understanding, and trust. Don’t be shy asking Q’s upfront to find that perfect match who’ll have your and baby’s back! Sure beats getting stuck with a rigid doctor or scrambling last minute. Get your priorities answered, and you can rest easy knowing you chose the right obstetrician. Who knows, you may even become BFFs by delivery day!

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