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4 easy ways to invest in Real Estate with no money in pockets

The real estate investment has become very prominent and popular business in India. Even a middle class family member shows his desire to invest the money in the real estate sector. Many people today, simply buy a plot of land at a cheap rate, construct a house and sell it in the future when the property appreciates. Many people also buy readymade residential apartments, while the building is under construction and sell these houses when it is fully furnished or ready. This helps them to earn more than expected amount in return.

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One of the most essential things needed for investment is money. This article will help you to find out ways which will let you invest in real estate of india, with no money in your account.Some of these points are also inspired by a few top real estate websites, which deal in excellent property business.

  1. Seek financial support:

If you don’t have sufficient finance, seek support from others. You may borrowfrom your friend, relatives or even banks.If you do not want to spoil your image, then banks are the best option. Make sure that you have sources or a stable income that can help you to repaythe loan on time.

  1. Look for alternatives by the seller:

If you have a convincing and genuine seller, you maybe lucky to bargain on the table. In some cases, the sellers are motivated to allow you to make bigger payments, so that you don’t have to pay the down payment. This is also possible in cases if you have a good reputation and if you have already purchased a property from the seller earlier.

  1. Do some barter:

Yes, this is possible. You may buy a property in exchange for an existing one which you hold. Instead of a property, there are various other things to trade such as;your fixed deposits, gold and funds.

  1. Do some research:

Without a proper research, you would never know which property is falling under your budget and which property suits your requirements. In order to connect with the various real estate projects, you would have to read the magazines, newspapers, browse through various websites and also connect with the real estate advisors. It is also advisable to check some of the top and reputed brands before you close any deal.

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