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Beauty side hustles to start this year

Got a passion for beauty and business? They make a great combination. If you can generate an income doing something you love while providing a fabulous service to other people, you may have a side hustle bound for success.

Whether you’ve got a particular talent with the makeup brush or the ideal technique for spraying the perfect tan, finding your strengths is key. If you aren’t sure what you could try, here are some of the best beauty side hustles to consider this year.

Beauty side hustles to start this year

Special events makeup

Catering to special events is a massive market. Just think how much people spend on weddings, birthdays and parties. You could grab a share of that lucrative cake with a dedicated special events makeup service.

Once you’re in, the ball tends to keep rolling. If you’re doing the bride, chances are the bridal party will want the same service. You can set the cost per head and create a nice little side earner. With good work completed, word-of-mouth referrals could see you bringing in more and more.

Nail treatments

One you can do from anywhere, including in clients’ homes. Nail services are always in high demand and it’s easy to get started. All you need is a mani-pedi kit and nail polishes and varnishes if you’re offering the full works. Work like a real manicurist with some beautiful acrylic nail sets and wow your clients time after time.

Got a passion for art and creativity? Infuse some of your works into nail art and make a name for yourself by putting your designs on TikTok and Instagram. You have the freedom to book appointments when you want so you can earn a little extra when you need.

Spray tanning

Tans are hard to come by naturally here in the UK, especially with our often disappointing summers. People who love the sun-kissed look are willing to pay throughout the year and you can compete with the bigger chains and local competitors.

You’ll need to invest in a commercial spray tan kit and find a suitable location to place your booth. Outside is usually preferable, although somewhere indoors with good ventilation should suffice for winter. You’ll be able to recuperate your investment relatively quickly if you can find some clients and expand your customer base.

Hair extensions

Prefer to work with hair? Extensions are one of the easiest treatments to get involved with and you don’t need to be a qualified hairdresser. You can learn from courses online or just practice with your friends and family until you’re ready to take paying clients.

Your main cost is likely to be buying hair extensions, then you can work in any space necessary. Offer a mobile service or ask clients to come to you.It can be so rewarding to help clients love themselves that little bit more and watch them leave with a smile on their faces.Which one might you try?

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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