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Cosplay Makeup for Male and Female Conversion

It is not uncommon for women to dress up as men or men to dress up as women in secondary culture, and as time goes on, the public is slowly accepting this phenomenon. So, while you may encounter women dressed as men on the street, they are not nearly as accepted as women dressed as men, and you may only see them at Comic-Con. In order to make a natural gender transition in cosplayAnime cosplay costume ), what should you be aware of when looking at different genders?

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Cosplay Makeup for Male and Female Conversion

In general, makeup considerations for women dressed as men. 

1, Primer.

It’s a good idea to put a shadow underneath the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose to the eyebrows to enhance the contours of the face and the nose and eyebrows. This is a simple way to make the light and dark of the face more visible and the contours of the face more rigid through foundation. Of course, this is not necessary for everyone, but rather for different people. For example, if a cosplayer’s cheekbones are already very high, there is no need to put a shadow underneath them.

2, Eyeshadow. 

For some simple eye shadows, generally use brown (brown is the color you can’t go wrong with), gray, and occasionally a little black. Brush along the shape of the eye on the eyelid, and use a darker color at the base of the eyelashes, in the eye socket, etc. But in cosplay, eyeshadow is often more complex. However, in cosplay, eye shadow tends to be more complex, which tests the skill of the makeup artist. In addition to your eye looks and wanting a new eye color, visit contactlensesplus.com.

3, Eyeliner. 

Women dressed as men also need to put eyeliner on. Note that the upper eyeliner can be thin at the inner corner, thick at the outer corner, and slightly upward at the outer corner. The lower eyeliner can be a little thicker at the outer corner and a little thinner at the inner corner, and the lower eyeliner should be soft.

4, Eyebrows.  

Depending on the character the cosplayer is playing, it is generally recommended to draw the eyebrows lower, raise the tail, and thicken the eyebrows. Men’s makeup should be darker and tougher than women’s makeup.

5, Mouth.  

The color of the lips is also based on the character, generally, the lips are flesh colored and the lower lip can be painted a little square. Be careful not to apply lip gloss too brightly.

Make sure you have your own makeup organiser as this is essential to this kind of hobby. The more organized you are, the more time you will have and be more creative.

Makeup notes for men and women in costume.

1, Primer.

Usually, men’s faces are relatively oily, their pores are larger than women’s, and their skin contains deeper pigment than women’s, making it relatively dull. It is important to choose the right foundation for the large pores and dull skin. The first thing to do is to choose a foundation that is one shade brighter than your skin, and too white will look unnatural; the second thing to do is to make sure that the powder is fine and not too thick to cover the pores without destroying the shine.

2, eye makeup.

The big eyes are the best part of a cosplayer’s feminine features, and they are a great way to make them look good. If you are not born with big eyes, there are two steps you must take to get them done! The first is the eyelid, which will make the cosplayer’s eyes look more natural and beautiful with a natural eyelid patch. The second is the curling of eyelashes, and this is the key. Curled eyelashes can make a cosplayer’s eyes look several degrees bigger. If your existing lashes aren’t long enough, I recommend trying false lashes.

3, Nose.

The noses of female characters in anime are often very small and firm, while the noses of men are often very thick, so use foundation. On the bridge of the nose, use a bright foundation to make the reflective area of the nose look bright, around the nose, use a dull foundation to make a shadow effect, and on the contour of the face, use a dull foundation to make the nose look small and firm, and the contour of the face look thin.

4, Lip Makeup.

Most men’s lips are thicker and drier than women’s. The lips of most men look rugged and not at all feminine. These lips look especially rough and not at all feminine. Make dry lips look moisturized and contour them with a lip pencil and lip gloss to make them look more sexy and feminine.

Above is my summary of some cosplay makeup tips for gender transition. If you want to learn more about cosplay, follow our blog at Cosplaylab, a paradise for cosplayers to buy cosplay costume, both new and experienced, you can have fun at Cosplaylab.

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