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Popular Types of ID Badge Holders and the Facilities that UseThem

Badge holders are handy to keep your ID card safe. They also ensure to make your identification visible in your facility for better accessibility and security. You can clip a badge holder easily to your clothes or wear it around the neck.

Different types of ID badge holders are available in the market. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for you. Read on to know all about the popular types of ID badge holders and the various facilities that use them.

Types of ID Badge Holders

Armband Holder

These badge holders provide easy identification at a glance. Its vertical layout ensures a hands-free ID display. Additionally, the armband is elastic and flexible to remain comfortable even if you wear it for longer hours.

Armband badge holders keep you safe during work. By avoiding hanging or dangling ID cards, you can prevent hazards that occur when IDs tangle with any equipment. Individuals working in the military, security, or law enforcement benefit from armband badge holders.

The hook and loop closure systems allow you to wear the badge holder quicker. You can wear it over your jacket as well.


ID Badge Strap Clips

A strap clip is the easiest way to wear your ID. Moreover, they are versatile and work with most ID card designs. It makes strap clips a popular choice across multiple industries.

These badge holders come with two-hole designs upon vinyl straps. You can clip an ID badge strap clip to your clothes, belts, bags, buttons, lanyards, and other accessories.

ID badge strap clips are cost-effective options. They ensure that your ID card clips securely.

Waterproof Badge Holders

These badge holders protect your ID card from water damage and other physical damage. They have a sturdy, crush-resistant shell. Apart from your ID card, you can use this holder to keep your credit card, driver’s license, keys, and other smaller items.

Waterproof badge holders keep your IDs safe when caught in unexpected rain or while traveling for business. They are also advantageous if you work outdoors frequently or in production plants, steamy factories, and other wet environments.

Several translucent colors are available. They make it easier to see through easily for quick identification and access.

Cell Phone Wallet

You can keep your ID safe in cell phone wallet badge holders. If you tend to carry your mobile around during work, you can keep your ID in a cell phone wallet. Its silicone material attaches securely to the back of any mobile phone.

The sleek and stylish design integrates with all looks. The sleek structure ensures that your phone fits into your pocket, even with the cell phone wallet. You can also choose from different colors according to your style.

Neck Wallet with a Pen Loop

Hang your ID to your pen or other handy objects that you keep with you during work. The lanyard is adjustable and fits both adults and children. The front plastic screen displays your ID card. Meanwhile, its hidden pocket allows you to keep your cafeteria card, credit card, and more.

Some come with zipped enclosed pockets as well. You can keep some handy cash or receipts in it.

Facilities that Need Badge Holders

Many facilities require employees to display ID cards for identification and security purposes. Read on to know some of the facilities that need badge holders the most.

Business Enterprises

There are several business enterprises in the United States of America. Among them, 31.7 million enterprises are small businesses. As the business grows over time, employers may mandate employee IDs and visitor badges.

Badge holders also help in creating unique identities for employees during conferences. For instance, they can choose a particular color theme for the badge holders.

Healthcare Facilities

Most healthcare facilities mandate ID cards for employees. Since doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff move around constantly to attend to patient’s needs, they can keep the IDs safe using a badge holder.

Government Facilities

Government offices require advanced security. Employees have to carry ID cards for identification purposes. You can choose a convenient one among the various types of badge holders.

Some badge holders also allow you to keep other important cards, such as the driver’s license and credit cards, safe and secure.

Transit Facilities

Many use public transportation every day. Passengers and transit workers use badge holders for quick access to transit cards. You can swipe your transit card easily without having to dig for it in your bag each time.

Badge holders enable you to work without worrying about losing your ID card. You can choose a type that matches your needs the best. Sturdy and secure ones keep your IDs safe from external damages.

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