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The Importance of Timely Car Repairs: Avoiding Costlier Consequences

The price of car repairs can be daunting. But getting them sorted at the right time can help you avoid a larger bill later and help your car stay valuable in case you’re thinking of selling it.

Importance of Timely Car Repairs:

Why owning a car today can be costly

Once you’ve bought the car itself, there are other costs to factor in. There’s road tax, the cost of your MOT & servicing, petrol and parking charges. The annual insurance premium can also be hefty if you are a new driver, fall into the 17-24 age bracket or have made an at-fault claim recently.

Cars tend to depreciate each year too, meaning that when you sell it, you’re likely to get a lower price than you bought it for. If you bought your car brand new, you should be aware that newer cars depreciate faster.

The benefits of timely car repairs

Cars need to be checked regularly to ensure they remain safe to drive and to catch any small problems before they become larger. This is why getting your annual MOT and a regular car servicing appointment is so important.

One very common cause of breakdowns is a flat battery. It’s especially common for this to happen in winter, whether you’re driving a fuel-powered car or an EV. The higher demand for heating and headlights can take its toll on the battery.

While the cost of a battery replacement isn’t something anyone would be enthusiastic about, you should keep a very close eye on it the battery in your fuel-powered car is over 5 years old (EV batteries typically last longer). The alternative could be sitting on the side of the motorway at an inopportune time, waiting for a recovery van.

Another reason that commonly underpins a breakdown is damaged tyres. Your MOT provider should let you know if your tyres are worn or need urgent replacing, but do remember to keep an eye out all year round.

Check your tyre pressures every month, keeping them at the pressures stated in your owner’s manual. This quick job extends your tyres’ lifespan and makes for smoother car handling and road grip, meaning you won’t spend as much on petrol. It also prevents the worst-case scenario, which is a tyre blowing out while you’re driving (extremely dangerous).

When you stay on top of maintenance checks such as these, you can:

  • Prevent bigger problems with larger expenses, such as the cost of getting your car towed home or taking time off work if you unexpectedly break down while commuting.
  • Make your car last longer. At a time when people are trying to hang on to their cars for as long as they can, this one’s never been more important!
  • Retain more resale value. Potential buyers don’t want to obtain a car that needs a lot of work, so keep yours in good shape to ensure it’s capable of securing a higher price!

Cars can be expensive, yes, but even more so if you don’t find and sort the repairs they need in good time!

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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