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Top 6 Desirable Features to Look for in a Mobile Banking App

In a world where digitalization is inevitable, most activities and services are being offered virtually. The continuous growth of the digital space has led to the creation and widespread usage of mobile applications in the communication, e-commerce, education, and finance sectors. Mobile banking apps are an excellent example of mobile applications that are continuously being developed due to the increased usage of mobile devices. By using mobile banking apps, customers can conveniently carry out bank transactions such as transfer of funds, depositing checks, and checking bank balances from anywhere at any time. However, it needs to incorporate several essential features for a mobile banking app to serve the purpose competently. This article provides you with some of the most crucial elements that any mobile banking app should possess.


  1. Instant Account Opening

This feature is one of the most important in any mobile banking app. Through instant account opening, a customer can obtain a prepaid card without ssn. Additionally, the customer can also open bank account online no deposit.

  1. Bank Account Management Tools

Customers’ primary objective using a mobile banking app is to handle all their banking information and transactions from their mobile devices. Therefore, an excellent mobile banking app should enable customers to supervise their account statements, debit cards, credit cards and check their balances. These tools allow the customers to manage their expenditures by helping them a budget and save more by providing the cash flow analysis of their accounts. In addition, a desirable mobile banking app should be able to provide its customers with necessary money management insights.

  1. Progressive Security and Fraud Signals

An excellent mobile banking app secures its customers’ sensitive data against cyber theft and hackers. A good sign-in process makes the app highly secure. The best log-in options for a bank app are touch ID, eye-scanning, and voice recognition options. In addition, the app should be able to notify its customers of any activities in their accounts. These alerts include deposit, withdrawal, low balance, password change, special offer, purchase, and transaction failed alerts.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Payments

Peer-to-peer payment is a feature that enables any customer to channel money directly from their account to another customer’s account by using their mobile banking app. This feature allows the mobile banking app to facilitate instant and secure transfer of money between different accounts. An added advantage of using the peer-to-peer payments option is that customers are not charged

for making the transfers.

  1. Reliable Customer Services Options

One of the best mobile banking applications available in the market today is mybambu. This application gives the best customer service. The users can get assistance in the form of virtual assistance, live chat, and live phone, among others. Some customer service options like virtual platforms are very successful and are applied by various banks to offer their online banking clients support. mybambu applications have chatbots that allow text and voice communication.

The best applications like mybambu have embraced the concept of QR codes payment. This concept has become quite popular among most mobile application users. The users of this mobile banking software are able to scan the code and make the purchase. When the client is provided with this option, there will be no need for contact. Most leading banks are a part and have allowed the QR code feature, and some have already implemented the use of this technology to the users of the mybambu mobile banking application. This is a perfect option for merchants and issuers who want to improve their clients’ mobile payment options.

Reliable banking applications like mybambu have the best features to offer that will benefit you greatly. If you are yet to join the Mobile banking industry, then you are missing out. Use the mybambu application to open an account. The process is simple, and the application is easy to navigate. If you use this app to open your mobile bank account, you get a reward of $10. Using the mobile banking application services saves you time compared to the traditional ways where one to go to the bank for any service.

  1. An ATM Locator

An ATM locator is one of the most basic but vital features in any mobile banking app. This feature enables the customer to locate the closest ATM to their position. It also shows other ATMs that are in that locality. An ATM locator is particularly important for customers trying to find ATMs in an area they have never been to before.

There is no doubt that mobile banking is the new way to go. The benefits accrued from using a mobile banking app are many. For example, a customer can receive a prepaid card without ssn. Additionally, the customer can open bank account online no deposit.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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