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Where to Buy and Sell Bitcoins Instantly?

Bitcoin is seen by many to be a good investment vehicle, store of value, and can be used as a medium of exchange. When you are considering the digital coin as an investment vehicle to store your wealth, you will need to know how to buy and sell it. As a result, you may be wondering where to buy and sell Bitcoins instantly. As you seek somewhere that allows people to buy and sell bitcoin instantly, you need to ensure the transaction fees are reasonable and the platforms are safe. They also offer excellent customer service among other vital considerations.

Below are some of the places where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly:

Bitcoin Exchanges

If you are looking for places offering Bitcoin for sale to buy coins and build your investment, Bitcoin exchanges are some of the best channels to use. While when purchasing or liquidating bitcoins using bitcoin exchanges, the transactions can take time; these platforms can also trade Bitcoin instantly. But, of course, the speed of buying and selling digital coins depends on the exchange’s payment methods and other factors.

Nakitcoins is one of the best crypto exchanges where you can both purchase and sell crypto instantly. The exchange has a physical office in Turkey where the public can walk in and buy or sell crypto using cash — or even a bank card. The good thing is that the exchange also runs an online platform for those who desire the quick conversion of their funds via different funding methods. Also, note that NakitCoins offers to buy and sell bitcoin instantly, but also has top-notch customer service and ensure you enjoy privacy and security. Other crypto exchanges where you can trade your Bitcoins are Bitforex, Changelly, Coinbase, and others.

Bitcoin ATMs

Besides crypto exchanges, you can obtain and sell Bitcoin for cash instantly at Bitcoin ATMs. However, not all Bitcoin automatic teller machines support both buying and selling Bitcoin. Some only allow users to cash in the bitcoins that they have in their wallets to get cash in exchange. The main difference between Bitcoin ATMs and the ordinary ATMs is that, unlike the latter, which require you to use your debit card to withdraw fiat currency (for example, USD or AUD), a Bitcoin ATM enables you to purchase Bitcoins with fiat money. Also, some machines allow you to sell your coins in exchange for fiat currencies.

Typically, the Bitcoin ATMs were not like crypto exchanges which need the users to go through a lengthy registration and identity verification process. Instead, they were a faster and more convenient channel to buy and sell BTC anonymously. But most crypto ATMs nowadays require users to verify their ID after governments put in place measures to regulate cryptocurrency.

Although Bitcoin ATMs offer a quick and convenient means to buy and sell bitcoins instantly, they typically have higher transaction charges than other methods (they add 7-12% fees for buying or selling digital coins). Besides, most Bitcoin Teller Machines have withdrawal and deposit limits of around $1000- $10,000; thus, they are unsuitable for larger transactions.


If you have been looking for where to buy and sell bitcoins instantly, you now know where to access these services. You can use Bitcoin Exchanges or Bitcoin ATMs. However, you need to consider the fees charged by any service you intend to use to buy or sell the digital coins and the safety and security it provides its users.

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