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All about Relationship Stuff for Guys

Relationship stuff is a serious matter for every guy. So, you should not join the league of pretenders who act like they have got this part of their life all figured out.

Simply admit that you need help getting to understand the mindset of the opposite gender and take advantage of this.

For one, this is because you have certain peculiarities in your perception as a man. For more reasons why men find it difficult to understand women, you can visit: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0060278

So, we are going to share some relevant stuff about this subject in this article. Particularly, you should read on if you intend to make the most of your first date with any lady. And just so you know, the yardstick for measuring success in this area is the ability to get her on a second and subsequent date.

Tips on how to Make the Most of Your First Date with a Lady

Tips on how to Make the Most of Your First Date with a Lady

The point and recommendations offered here are based on some proven facts and experiences of various people. So, you will do well to adhere to them. Having established this, below are some things you should and should not do on a first date with a lady:

Do not be Verbally Selfish

Ladies indeed love smart and intelligent men. You can opt for men’s monthly subscription for getting a smart look. It is also true that this is often figured out in how and what the guy says. But even at that, you should understand that it is unwise to do all of the talking.

No matter how savvy you are on any subject, make sure you and the other party are involved in the conversation.

First, this is essential in knowing that the lady is enjoying the conversation rather than trying to pass time and leave. Secondly, this will prove for the time being that your masculinity is not a toxic kind. The point is understanding that a conversation requires the active participation of you and the lady.

Be Sensitive to Her Reactions

You are not being asked to become suspicious. What is being advised here is that you take note of her reactions – body language, statements… as this will help you understand what you should do next.

For instance, imagine you are a stockbroker and you brought up the stock exchange market in your discussion. You need to be sensitive to her reactions as it is a pointer to her like or dislike of the subject raised.

If you discover that the subject raised is not fancied by her, you can even suggest she brings up a subject. For the record, it is not unmanly to do this and men need to understand this. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

Make Her worth Your Time

As a guy, what is it like when someone uses their phone right in the middle of a serious conversation with you?

Well, it can be pretty annoying for a lady even if nothing is said about it. So, get yourself in order and make sure you will have no distractions to deal with during the date.

And just in case such happens, be apologetic before picking up the call. But that is not all. You should say something prioritizing her to the other person on the line. Something like “I’m right in the middle of something important, I’ll get back to you later…”

Leave no stone untouched in making her feel special. That is the key to moving beyond the first date. And speaking of making her feel special, compliment her when you get the chance to.

For instance, you could say something like “yellow isn’t really my thing, but surprisingly it looks like I’ve been wrong all along. You look amazing in yellow…”

The thing is you have to be creative with your compliments. Do not make it seem mechanical or unreal.

Save the Touching for Other Times

There is a golden rule/principle with these things. The principle is that those first impressions last long.

On that note, it is understandable that she is hot and you have all those fantasies running through your head. Well, save the touchy part for later.

If not, you will appear desperate and only out to get right in between her legs. This is something many ladies detest and you certainly do not want to appear that way to her.

So, except for holding her when crossing the road, offering a hand when she is coming out of the car, and other times necessary, you should restrain from the urge to touch.

Appearance Matter

You are not asked to dress up like an astronaut or a banker. As a matter of fact, appearing too formal can be a turnoff for some ladies. They just want you to look good but real.

To do this, you need to be aware of the cool stuff men buy to wow a lady even from a distance. Many review sites can help you in this regard.

Wrap Up

If you intend to get past the first date with any lady, there are things you should and should not do.

We have discussed some in this article and hope that you adhere to them as they will improve your chances of making the most of your first date.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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