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Best Accessory Gifts for Vintage Lovers

Vintage is in, and there’s no reason to deny that fact. It can be seen everywhere – concept stores, collector’s pads, and even in fashion. A lot of vintage pieces are being sold every day, and that is possible because of passed down collections and thrift shops. And since these are cheap, more and more people get into the trend bandwagon to hoard whatever they want.

If you have a friend that loves vintage so much, there are various gifts that you can give to them. And since it has been told that vintage is cheap, you’ll have no problem spending for them. And as a bonus, it becomes more sentimental because some vintage pieces are already valuable.

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Whether it is a birthday, a Christmas or a mere friendship gift, you should always put a worth into it. So, here are the best vintage gifts that you can give to your loved ones or friends:

1. Watch

Vintage watches are great investments if you are giving these as gifts to your family. It is not a simple sign of appreciation, but it symbolizes time as a form of bonding.

Timepieces like the Tissot Tgold collection have the best vintage-inspired analog watches. The watch’s refined leather speaks much of what vintage watches look like. And as a token, this model of a timepiece can last them with many memories.

2. Vinyl Discs

If your gift receiver is a music-head, then he or she probably knows the worth of a vinyl disc. Although these can be produced with modern technology, you can still buy old stocks from yard sales. This is critical if you are looking for an old band with no remakes in the modern market. Unless you want them to receive a remodeled one, there are various vinyl discs available online and in music stores.

3. Vintage Tees

If vinyl is not what they’re looking for, if you think, then these would be the best. Vintage tees can also be bought in almost any shop. Not only that, if your loved one is not into music, there are also vintage shirts related to cartoons, wrestling, and even TV shows.

If you are looking for something cheap, you can always opt for buying thrift goods. But, if you are unlucky to find one, it is because they have been hoarded by streetwear resellers. Vintage tees are in big value nowadays, and finding a good cheap piece in the thrift shop needs patience and luck.

4. Porcelain and ceramic kitchenware

Some vintage lovers also appreciate vintage kitchenware. And no, they don’t use it for eating. They just collect them for display as part of a hobby. Some kitchenware is believed to be passed down into generations, making the pieces rare to find and reproduce. Some would also think that some pieces are from civilizations beyond their time and place, making them more interested to collect.

5. Antique Pieces

Aside from kitchenware, antique pieces like jars, televisions, and radios can also be given as gifts. These pieces are great for people who enjoyed pop culture in their time. Or, some people in the younger bracket would love to see nostalgic pieces earlier than their millennium. This is how the trend has grown – and this does not stop because of the various vintage eras we have gone through.

Some people would also love receiving vintage posters of their favorite athletes or musicians. These may include images of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, and many more.

6. Music Boxes

Music boxes are so good vintage pieces that people made them available again. There are various shops in-store online that sell these boxes, and they come in cheap. Manufacturers have also included modern hymns to catch reminiscence with the younger generation.


If you are going to search for vintage gifts, always make sure of its quality and price. Some may be deceiving or tempting to buy because you think it is what the receiver would want. You can also do a quick check online about a vintage piece, whether it is valuable or not. Some sellers would sometimes abuse the buying powers of consumers, giving them more edge and profit.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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