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7 Tips For Choosing the Best Wedding Furniture Rentals

You’ve figured out your venue, invitations, menu and nearly everything else for your big day, but now you need to arrange for the wedding furniture rental. While wedding rentals Los Angeles might seem like a secondary item for your wedding, the furniture rentals are what provide both form and function for the event. Therefore, before you settle on any particular vendor or decor, there are at least seven things you should keep in mind.

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1. Consider Location

While ceremonies and wedding rentals San Diego provide incredible ambiance for your day, you need to keep your chosen venue in mind when selecting pieces. Are you doing a farmhouse wedding? What about having the ceremony outside? The location dictates the durability of the furniture. For example, outdoor and beach weddings will typically require waterproof seating that is also rigid.

2. Double Check Your Numbers

It is easy to miscalculate guest lists, especially when you have so many other items on your to-do list. However, making sure that you have the appropriate number when ordering your seating, tables, stools, lounges and anything else you may need is essential to having your wedding go off without a hitch. A good rule of thumb, if you do not have a hard number to relay to the rental company, is to estimate higher, ensuring that there will be plenty of everything.

3. Think About Theme, Scheme, and Style

Do you have a theme for your wedding? What about a color scheme? Also, what is your style? All of these questions are essential to staging the hall and setting the tone for the day. Weddings are about showing off the legal union of a couple, and style, theme, and scheme are just three ways of highlighting that union. Therefore, make sure that your chosen rental company is capable of meeting your expectations and vision.

4. Consider Comfort

Weddings and receptions are all-day events, which means that you should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the comfort of your guests. The easiest way to ensure that your guests are comfortable is to choose seating that provides cushion, support, and a little give. Don’t opt for hard seats. You don’t want people leaving the party early because they are uncomfortable.

5. Limit High-Quality Items

While high-quality materials and items do add a bit of sophistication and class to a wedding, it is quite simple to go overboard. For example, some people spend big bucks on tablecloth linens made of luxurious materials with fancy designs. Unfortunately, the tablecloths get buried under dinnerware, glassware and other decorations, meaning that the added cost may not be worth it. Instead, choose to upgrade napkins and other visible elements.

6. Consider Trends

While you should always take a you-first approach when making plans for your wedding, it also pays to take notice of seasonal and societal trends. While you are the most important piece of the wedding, you want guests to take note of the decor for the right reasons.

7. Choose a Capable Vendor

Try to find one capable vendor for your rental needs. Using one company can save you a little money.

Wedding furniture is essential for your big day. Contact a local wedding rental company to discuss pricing and delivery options.

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