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How to budget properly for the perfect staycation

With it looking unlikely that the average person will be able to travel abroad this summer, staycations are becoming the favoured method for a getaway.

There are many things we can do while we keep our holiday local and there are even ways to save some money at the same time.

How to budget properly for the perfect staycation

Plan in advance

By planning far enough ahead you’ll be able to save money on hiked-up hotel prices as it gets closer to the season. The earlier you book, the more you’ll save and the more time you’ll have to gather your funds together.

This goes for booking your excursions and other activities too. Most activity centres will have an online site where you can pre-book tickets for a particular day, which is great if you’re able to schedule your holiday.

If you’re unsure when you’ll be going on holiday or which day will work best for your activities (particularly if the weather depends on them!) you can book flexible train travel and know that you’re covered for a certain amount of time if you decide to change plans.

Browse for discounts

Discounts are often hidden in plain sight. Look on the reverse of your cereal boxes or newspapers and you’ll find an offer – usually for a theme park or other family activity. These discounts offer huge savings and usually entitle one adult or child to go free.

There are plenty of sites online dedicated to finding the best discount breaks for you and your loved ones to enjoy, so get browsing and find one that suits your budget.

Sometimes you can get rewards or cashback from your credit card provider. Furthermore, putting your expenses on a credit card can help boost your credit score.

Try an Airbnb

Shave off any extra costs of staying in a hotel or at a resort and look at what Airbnb has to offer in the area. You’ll often find a whole apartment or house at a fraction of the price of what you’d spend at a bed and breakfast, especially if you are travelling in a group and are able to split the costs between you.

This way you’ll also have your own private space, garden, and sometimes pool to enjoy without any other guests or occupants getting in the way. This is particularly useful for those who are still a bit wary of travelling and would like to stay socially distanced from others where possible.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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