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What to Know About Forbrukslån Consumer Loans?

This piece is on the topic of consumer loans. Inside it, you will find out the various categories and types of consumer loans. Lastly, you will learn about its benefits. So, without further ado, let us get right to it.

What is Consumer Loan?

A consumer loan is funds provided to a consumer to finance specific types of expenditure. This means that it is a particular type of funding given to a consumer by a creditor. It can either be secured or unsecured.

The borrower’s asset backs the secured loan. At the same time, the one unsecured is not supported by the borrower’s assets.

Forbrukslån Consumer Loans

What Are the Types of Consumer Loans?

Consumers can get funding for any expenses that they require to complete. This would suggest that there are various types of credit available to a borrower. The kind you want will vary depending on the interest rate or period of repayment. However, if you require a funding source to make a purchase, there is always an individual who can lend to you. Below are the popular types of consumer loans.

Consumer Loans


Mortgages are funds that are provided to an individual to purchase a house. These credits are provided by banks, online lenders, and credit unions. You can check at forbrukslån.no to get a list of the best providers in Norway.

A mortgage is tied to a building. This means that if you fail to provide payments, you are at risk of losing the building. Of all the credit sources, mortgages have the lowest interest rate. This is because they are secured. This means that you must provide collateral for it.

Debt Consolidation Loans

This type of funding is aimed at simplifying your finances. It achieves this by combining multiple bills for credit cards into a single debt. This credit is usually repaid within a single monthly payment. This also suggests that it has a low interest rate.

Student Loans

Student credits are provided to college kids and their families to cover education bills. There are mainly two types of student credit: federal student credit and private students’ credit assistance.

The ones that are funded federally are the best option. This is because they are provided with low interest rates. They are also more borrower-friendly in terms of repayment.

There are also two types of federal student loans. You have the subsidized loan and unsubsidized loans. The one that is subsidized is mainly for students who need higher finances.

The unsubsidized version is meant for students that are average money borrowers. These students are primarily dependent on their parents for money. It is important to note that there is a limit to this borrowing. So, check to confirm from your provider.

On the other hand, private funds are provided to students from private companies. Students choose to opt for this type because of the cap on federal funding.

The private firm assesses the borrowers need and then determine the interest rate to be paid on the credit. Private student credits are collected with variable interest rates. This means that the interest rate will vary depending on the market.

Every private lender sets out their borrowing limit. This is according to the capabilities of the company.

Personal Loans

In the consumer lending market, personal lend is most versatile. While other types of lend are meant for specific purposes, this one is intended for daily activities and living expenses. It simply means that you can borrow this money to take care of personal issues.

This type of credit also varies a lot. However, the lending terms are fixed to be paid under ten years. Also, the amount is usually set not to exceed a specific sum.

Most people opt for this funding source to consolidate their existing credit card debt. And when credit card balance isn’t paid off, the interest tends to accumulate quickly. This is why personal lend is a great way to pay down debt.

Personal lend can be secured and unsecured as well. This all depends on the lender. If you’re opting for the unsecured version, then you would pay higher interest rates. This is because you aren’t producing collateral for it. This puts the lender at risk.

Auto Loans

As the name suggests, this type of finance is provided to secure used or new automobiles. The term on this credit type typically ranges from two to six years. However, as times are changing, the terms on this lend are changing as well. Particular providers can give up to 84 months for complete payback.

Nonetheless, some Norwegian credit providers have limited to 4 to 5 years of terms on older vehicle purchases. This is because older cars are riskier to lend money on. In all, the duration of your auto credit depends on your provider.

Unlike a home’s value, the value of a car depreciates over time. Also, if the vehicle being borrowed money is also used as collateral, it must be worth the coverage. This means that the car has to be valuable enough to cover the amount you want to be borrowed for it.

As of now, lenders offer shorter borrowing terms with larger down payments. This is because the value of cars is depreciating quite rapidly now. Due to this reason, auto finances on used vehicles are warned against. With this, borrowers can find themselves owing more money than the worth of the car.

Default on auto credit can be severe. So, make sure to weigh your options. Do you want an auto finances on a used car, or preferably go for a new wheeler? Also, I advise you to find out how quickly your vehicle’s value will depreciate. Do this to make sure you do not find yourself in a difficult situation.

What About the Secured vs. Unsecured loan?

Questions are floating around on what an unsecured lend and the secured version is about. First, the secured consumer credits are the ones backed by collateral. This means the asset is used to cover the lending in case the lender defaults.

Secured credit will provide the borrower a substantial amount of money and a low-interest rate. It allows for a more extended repayment period as well. Since an asset backs this type of credit, there is little risk involved. This means that if the borrower defaults, the asset will be repossessed by the provider.

Unsecured consumer loans, on the other hand, are not backed by collateral. This means that you do not have to put out an asset to secure your finance.

Unsecured credit usually grants the borrower a limited amount of funds. There is also a shorter repayment method with this as well as a higher interest rate. This is understandable because an asset does not back it. And this tends to put the lender at risk. If there is a case whereby a borrower defaults, the lender cannot recover the outstanding lend fee.

Why Do Consumers Secure Loans

There are several reasons why an individual will require funding. It can be for start-up purposes. It can be to sustain themselves. It can also be for school fee purposes. To elaborate on this, here are few reasons to secure loans:

Cash flow

Starting a business requires lots of capital. This might not be easy to get for everyone. However, securing a loan will help you solve this challenge. The higher the money invested in your business, the more likely you are to succeed. You can check this page here for tips on securing loans.

Cash flow allows you to make lots of investment decisions concerning your business. It enables you to set a solid foundation for your venture and remain with good working capital. In all, your enterprise would not be at risk of failing due to a lack of funds.


Loans are a great deal flexible. Negotiations can be made before funds are provided to the individual. The interest rate can be negotiated. You can negotiate the amount to borrow, and the duration of the lend can all be debated.

Also, after the amount has been borrowed, adjustments can be made. When you borrow money from a provider, you have complete control over it. No one can tell you how and when to spend your money.

Interest Rates

Several banks in Norway provide low interest rates. This allows low-class earners to apply easily and get funds, encouraging many borrowers to provide an asset as security in default.


Consumer loans are an excellent opportunity for individuals to get funded for their needs. However, it best to research your provider. Many banks in Norway provide this service, but you need one to give the best deal to you.

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