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Types of Car Accident Injuries

Lakeland, Florida, is a Polk County city that is home to a total of 38 picturesque lakes, including the clear waters of Lake Mirror. This metropolis is also well-known for its global collection of art and historical landmarks.

With a soothing atmosphere and friendly neighborhoods, living in Lakeland is a wonder for locals and a fun tourist spot for travelers. However, no matter how beautiful and safe a place may be, accidents are unforeseeable, which is why having a car accident attorney in Lakeland, is essential.

In the United States, one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities are accidents, specifically car accidents. Since it’s unintentional, people are not always prepared for it to happen. Even if victims survive, they often spend their lives living with trauma.

When it comes to pressing charges, you would need to build your case to have a strong claim against the other person. In terms of a car crash, if you’re not taken to a hospital right away because you feel alright, it might be because some injuries do not show right away. To help you identify these injuries, here are some of the most common car accident injuries:

Head Injuries

One of the most common and severe injuries you can get from a car crash in Lakeland is a head injury. What you think is a light strike of your head against the dashboard can result in a concussion.

Hitting your head can even cause traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding, which may not be apparent right away. In some cases, it may only show up a few days after the crash occurred.

Broken Ribs

Your ribs are what protect your internal organs, but they are fragile bones.

For example, you’re cruising down S. Florida Avenue on your way to Downtown Lakeland, and suddenly a car swoops in hitting the driver’s seat. Due to the impact, your ribs are pushed forward, or worse, fractured, causing pain.

In some situations, your broken ribs might even pierce through your internal organs, needing major surgery. When this happens, having a car accident attorney in Lakeland, FL, will help you get the proper compensation you need to pay for your medical bills.

Broken Bones

Apart from broken ribs, you might also end up breaking other bones when faced with a car crash. It includes bones in your arms, legs, shoulders, etc.

Back Injury

If you get in an accident where a car collides with you from behind, extreme force might be put against your back, damaging your spinal cord and causing nerve damage.

Burn Injuries

If an explosion was part of an accident, you might also suffer from burn injuries. Burn injuries range from minor to fatal and require skin grafts.

Psychological Disorder

Although not a physical injury, psychological trauma from car accidents are also rampant, sometimes even worse than physical injuries. One of the most common disorders people experience is post-traumatic stress disorder, which includes depression, anxiety, fear, and sleeplessness.

Psychological disorders need therapy and medication that could last for years. In this case, your car accident attorney can get you the proper compensation to pay for your therapy and medication.

These are only some of the most common injuries you can get when in a car crash. However, if you suffer from any of these injuries or more, working with a car accident lawyer in Lakeland will surely help to get you the proper legal guidance and compensation you need.

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