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Been in a Car Accident in Florida? Get Yourself an Auto Accident Attorney

In the first half of the year, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recorded 198,313 motor vehicle crashes. From this number, 126,249 people were either hurt or injured and more than 1,600 died.

As a no-fault insurance state, you must have heard that you only need to inform your insurance provider to receive compensation if you were injured from a car accident. This information is not accurate as Florida statutes still allow harmed parties to file an auto accident claim under certain circumstances. Note, however, that the process can be tricky, which is why you need to hire a reputable Florida auto accident attorney immediately.

Here are the reasons why having expert legal representation after an auto accident in the Sunshine State can benefit you:

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car accident lawyer

Legal Competence

As earlier mentioned, Florida adopts a no-fault auto insurance law, which generally prohibits you from filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for pain and suffering. The rules are not absolute, however, as it offers exemptions. You can get compensated for the pain, suffering, mental agony, and other inconveniences you experienced provided you can establish liability and submit evidence.

Building a solid case to ascertain fault within the required period is practically impossible without legal expertise. A credible Florida auto accident attorney knows and understands all laws applicable to your circumstance.

He or she also has the experience to navigate the complicated and intimidating legal process of filing a car accident case in the Sunshine State. Necessarily, you will have access to the lawyer’s wealth of legal knowledge, experience, and connections when you hire one.

Expertise in Case Buildup

If you think that you only need to show your injured self to prove that you’re a victim, you’re mistaken. You need to gather and present pertinent medical records and other documentation for your claim.

An auto accident lawyer knows what specific types of evidence you need to support your case. He or she also has a team of highly-skilled paralegals who will gather and build a credible case so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.

Legal and Emotional Support

Suffering from a personal injury and worrying about medical bills and absences from work can be stressful. With a car accident attorney by your side, the burden is eased. He or she will help you understand the laws and other legal ramifications of what happened to you.

An experienced car accident lawyer will also assist you in evaluating the right amount of monetary damages due to you. He or she knows how much you can get and how to pressure the other party to take responsibility. If you do not have any legal representation, the opposing team can take advantage of your naivety and offer a meager sum.

A credible Florida attorney will also work on your best interest and keep you updated on the developments of your case. The mere fact that you have an expert who is as invested in the lawsuit as you are can offer immeasurable comfort.

Considering the crucial things that an auto accident lawyer in Florida can bring to the table, it’s clear that you need to hire one for your injury case. You already suffered enough from the accident. Rely on a competent lawyer and increase your chance of receiving compensation for your pain. If you need proper representation for your DUI case, call The Ladan Law Firm, P.A.

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