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Where Can I Shop for Home Medical Supplies?

Medicines or medical supplies are something which we don’t buy on a daily basis or day to day basis. There are certain common medicines that we purchase in bulk like paracetamol, painkillers, etc which is used on an emergency basis, and medical supplies like blood pressure machine, etc can be invested once. Again when we are shopping for medical supplies, we need to check the quality, warranty, and other constraints.

We always want to stay away from doctors and avoid taking medicines, in short, we want ourselves to be fit and healthy, but we get prone to numerous diseases because of our lifestyle or other factors or constraint and have to go for medications and different types prescriptions.

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In the era of digitalization, we want everything at our door step, just one click and products and services are home delivered. Sometimes, it becomes very tiring to go to a doctor and have a check up; rather we prefer check-up at home.

Common medical supplies that are purchased by most of the population are as follows:

·         Blood pressure machine– Every household do have a member who is prone to blood pressure, blood pressure sometimes fluctuates and shows its symptoms. So purchasing a blood pressure or B.P machine is a long-term investment and you can measure your B.P any time sitting at home or while travelling.

·         Chemotherapy Port– After fighting with cancer virus undergoing through various radiation and chemo: it is just like a surgery. But after surgery cancer patient must take certain preventive measures and the medication is given through chemotherapy port. It is injected via a needle that is fitted to the port and is transmitted to the organs.

·         Walker– Walker is equipment for the elderly or adult person; it acts as a support for adults and maintains their balance. Walker is also available for infants who are learning to walk. It is devoid of wheels and is the upgraded version of wheel chair. It can be a long-term investment.

·         Wheel Chair-When an individual is prone to certain disease, injury or accident and cannot walk or is bed-ridden, wheel chair comes to the rescue. Wheel chair is of different types like manual self driven wheel chair, manual attendant wheel chair, powered wheel chairs etc. You can purchase it depending upon the requirement. There is wheelchair which acts like a mini- dining table as well.

·         Cather– It is referred to as PICC (Peripheral Inserted Central Cather). When an individual is paralyzed  or suffering from  any disease which results in him/her to be bed-ridden, they are unable  to urinate in the desired place and discharge  stool or urine in the same place, to avoid this a Cather tube is connected to the peripheral site which not only helps the person but keeps the surrounding hygiene. There are different types of Cather: it can be connected via nose or mouth as well to provide the required nutrition to the human body.

There are other different medical types of equipment like scooter, bandage, gloves (latex) etc.

Where to shop and how to shop for medical supplies/ equipments?

There are different physical stores which are available in each corner of the globe that provides the option of medical supplies like

·         Surgical Devices Hub, Delhi– Surgical devices Hub Delhi is one of the most reputed brands in Netaji Subash Marg, Delhi, which provides all type of medical supplies like, wheelchairs, thermometer, blood pressure machine etc.

·         Collateral Medical Pvt Ltd, Mumbai- Collateral Medical Pvt Ltd, Mumbai not only provides medicines but do have an option of delivering medical supplies at doorstep: from pin to plane, starting from needle to wheelchairs.

·         Krischo Medical products private Ltd, Bangalore- Krischo Medical products private ltd, Bangalore provides supplies of medical equipment like Cather canal, chemotherapy port, urine discharge device, adult napkins etc.

·         Walgreens, United States Washington D.C- They have approximately around 600 plus stores and provides product and services related to medical supplies.

·         Amazon.com- Amazon.com is the giant of all other online stores, it is not only famous for clothing, accessories or electronics but provides medical supplies at the cheapest price and is delivered to anywhere in India, with a proper guarantee, keeping an eye on quality and minimum 6 months of warranty.

·         Flipkart.com– Flipkart is commonly known for appliances, it provides varied coupons and discount like Amazon, deliver medical supplies like a wheelchair, Blood pressure machine, Cather etc at your place.

·         Seniorself.com– It is although a new name for the population, it provides medical supplies and on daily basis, it delivers approximately 1000+ wheelchairs, thermometers, scooter, walkers etc to varied place and provides free delivery on each product. The first time users get certain coupon discounts and freebies as well.


Medical supplies have also become a part of our life. It makes our life easier and when we get delivery at our doorstep it saves time and money. Because the installation is done by the concerned shop employees and demo too is provided. They check whether the individual is comfortable while using the equipment or needs certain customization. There are certain medical supplies which need medical and physical test recommended by the doctor or the physician. This equipment are widely used not only at homes but also in physiotherapist clinic and physiotherapist use this to treat the paralyze patients.


Rather than Visiting a doctor on daily basis for blood pressure check-up, or any physiotherapist for therapy: it is better to buy a blood pressure detecting machine or other homely used or self-used types of equipment. There are numerous stores like barrier technologies inc. that provide medical supplies at the doorstep. Usually now a day people prefer shopping for medical supplies from online and offline stores so that they can customize the use. Shopping medical supplies for home provides certain coupon discount, but there are few things that need to take care like: quality, damage protection, warranty and demo for the use.

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